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The Nintendo 2DS XL arrives in July. Image: Nintendo.

Last week, Nintendo announced the New 2DS XL, the latest version of its popular portable console. The company unveiled the handheld device after reporting its latest quarterly earnings, and it will go on sale on July 28 in the U.S. for $149.99.

Experts expected the video game giant would make an announcement related to the Nintendo Switch, which has been out for two months now this Wednesday. By the end of March, nearly 3 million Switch consoles had been sold along with almost 6 million game cartridges.

Two games for the Nintendo 3DS are launching on the same day as the New 2DS XL: Hey! PIKMIN and Miitopia. The upcoming portable console can play both regular DS games and 3DS titles in 2D so that players can experience the entire game library available for the system.

How is the New Nintendo 2DS XL different?

The New Nintendo 2DS XL has two key differences that set it aside from old systems of the same family: its form factor design and its performance capabilities. The handheld device is faster than ever, and it has a sleek new presentation.

Nintendo has redesigned the 2DS to look similar but not exactly like the New 3DS XL. The first remarkable distinction is the rugged top cover, which is present on the New 2DS XL but not on its 3D-capable brother. There is no DS logo in sight, but the company’s name is on the corner of the aforementioned top screen.

Both systems have XL screens, but the New 2DS has flat panels while the New 3DS has a frame on the bottom display that results in a distinctive bump. This frame has a Home button on the lower edge, while the 2DS puts it on the left side.

Other than that, the New 2DS XL moves the camera to the center of the hinge, while on the New 3DS XL it sits at the top of the upper screen. The stereo speakers on the 3DS are on the side of this screen, while the upcoming console has them on the corners of the bottom edge.

Both portable console versions are C Stick-enabled on compatible games, and they both support ZL and ZR buttons for enhanced controls. The lower display of the New 2DS XL supports Amiibo reading for figures and cards as well.

Nintendo’s New 2DS XL is available for preorder right now, but it starts shipping on July 28. It comes in two color combinations: black with turquoise accents and white with orange accents. The entire DS game library is playable on the upcoming console.

Source: Nintendo