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Nintendo has just hosted a new Nintendo Direct event live on YouTube, focused on new releases for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Splatoon 2 and ARMS headlined the presentation, while other titles were less prominently featured.

The unveilings and updates come a little over a month after the Switch launched on March 3. Since then, it has enjoyed widespread success in global markets, marking a triumphant return for Nintendo after the failure that was the Wii U.

Splatoon 2 releases on July 21 with new Amiibo

Splatoon’s much-awaited sequel will land on the Nintendo Switch this summer, specifically on July 21. The game will feature new characters, arenas, and match modes, so the ink-fueled fun continues on the hybrid console.

For instance, a cool new feature will be the taking on the Salmon Run. In this mode, players will take on waves of enemy salmons as they collect eggs. A boss will come out near the end of the match, and it will drop more eggs than the rest.

Three new Amiibo figures will come out along with the game, which will let inklings access different in-game functions. In the meantime, players can register for a Splatoon tournament organized by Nintendo. The winning team gets tickets to this year’s E3.

ARMS arrives on June 16 with Neon Yellow Joycons

ARMS, the zany fighting game between characters with retractable arms, will finally come to the hybrid console on June 16. The exclusive title is the first installment of the franchise, one that is coming to the system to exploit the Switch’s control capabilities like Wii Sports did on the Wii.

A new character with noodle arms called Min Min was revealed, and a few minutes of gameplay were shown. ARMS will debut along with a special edition of the Joycon controllers in Neon Yellow and an AA battery pack to extend the power.

List of games for the Nintendo Switch in 2017

Apart from these two heavily promoted titles, Nintendo also made room for several other game announcements and updates. The following games are coming to the Nintendo Switch this year:

• Samurai Showdown – Out now
• Puyo Puyo Tetris – April 25
• Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – April 28
• Minecraft – May 11
• Disgaea 5 Complete – May 23
• Ultra Street Fighter II – May 26
• Fate/Extella – July 25
• Sonic Mania – Summer 2017
• Project Mekkura – Summer 2017 (via the Nintendo eShop)
• Namco Museum – Summer 2017
• Sine Mora Ex – Summer 2017
• Battle Chasers Nightwar – Summer 2017
• Monopoly – Fall 2017
• Sonic Forces – Holiday 2017
• Payday 2 – 2017
• Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition – 2017

Source: Nintendo