Bethesda finally announced today that the new, much-awaited game Doom, will be launched globally on May 13. It will be released on multiple platforms, namely the  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A new trailer was also released by the developer.

However, you will not have to wait that long as the a beta of the game will be rolled out before the final launch. As of now, there is still no word when you can expect the release of this version. When asked to give more details on the launch and availability of the beta, a representative from Bethesda said that the company will make an announcement at a later date.

The publisher has also made another interesting announcement along with announcing the release date for the game. They have unveiled a  Doom collector’s edition, the centerpiece of which is a 12-inch statue of one of the game’s toughest demons, the Revenant. Triforce has made the figure and it is quite legitimate, as they have used actual game files from ID Software to nail the creature’s look.

The collector’s edition, which is supposed to sell for $120, will have a copy of the game in a metal casing along with it.

To add the icing to the cake, Bethesda also announced preorder bonuses for Doom. The Demon Multiplayer Pack will be made available to everyone who preorders the game. This will include a demon armor set, which itself features three skin variations, six paint colors and 3 different patterns that you could put on your armor and weapons to further customize them.