Yesterday, Microsoft wrapped off the Build 2016 conference with some pretty noteworthy releases, both for consumers and the developers. Here are the featured releases that happened in the two days of the conference.


Here are the announcements that happened on Day 1.

The Anniversary update


Also known as “Redstone”, this major update is slated to launch later this summer, hence the name, not only for Windows 10, but for Xbox One as well. The update brings a slew of new changes specific to each of the involved devices.

Cortana is also in line to receive a major upgrade, such as contextual, automated function, based on what you’re currently doing within an app. In addition, Redstone will finally introduce her to Xbox One too.

Xbox One Dev Mode


This is something that was promised way back in 2013. Dev mode allows any old, retail Xbox One unit to transform into a developer kit with the press of a button. While this feature is something that an average consumer will most likely never find useful, still, it does make it easy for the developers to work on new apps and games for the One.

HoloLens will ship to developers


We have already covered this earlier, however, the official confirmation seals the fact that we can expect the headset to ship, starting March 30.



Despite the recent debacle with Tay, Satya Nadella maintains that the company will keep on working to bring more, improved bots to the market. So much so, in fact, that Microsoft issued a Bot Framework for developers to easily create, manage and deploy said bots to various Windows apps.

The company has also released a series of bots to Skype, with which you can only play at the moment.

Moving on to the Day 2 announcements.

Azure cloud got bigger


Microsoft cloud network named Azure has officially gone hyper-scale with data centers in 30 different regions. One of the latest data centers is being built on the east coast of the United States and it measures more than a mile long. The company is also adding cloud networking power to Cortana.

Cross-platform app development tools


Microsoft is making good use of its recent Xamarin acquisition and now the software maker has just made its cross-platform app development tools available for all Visual Studio users. Beyond helping developers make more apps for every Windows user, the Xamarin tools also include an Android and iOS simulator.

BMW connected drive app


BMW also took to the stage to announce its new connected drive app, which takes learnings from virtual assistants including Siri, Cortana, and Google Now.

The app for iOS is powered by Microsoft Azure and is the company’s take on what you can expect from a personal assistant, which will stay on, always.

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