Meizu 6 Pro Plus photo
Meizu 6 Pro Plus could replace the Galaxy Note 7. Image: Meizu.

Chinese manufacturer Meizu just released its newest phablet, the PRO 6 Plus. The device’s specs are very similar to those of the failed Samsung Note 7 and the coming of this phone to Western markets might position it as a logical replacement.

The PRO 6 Plus represents an upgrade for Meizu’s latest release, the PRO 6, which came out earlier in April and currently sells for as low as $369 in Amazon.

Along with the unveiling of another signature device for the company, the M3X, their first glass-and-metal smartphone, Meizu has announced the sixth version for their Android-based OS, Flyme.

Meizu’s Flyme 6 OS will come pre-installed on the PRO 6 Plus. It builds upon the foundation of Android Marshmallow and features Meizu’s AI system service, called One Mind. It has a 3400 mAh battery.

PRO 6 Plus: an elegant display with smart brightness control

The phone’s Super AMOLED screen is a 5.7-inch and features a WQHD 2K resolution that still enjoys good color capacity and a strong contrast of 10000:1. It features 103% NTSC color gamut and Meizu-designed AOD (Always On Display) technology.

The latter serves as a way for the user to constantly keep in touch with relevant information by displaying permanently on the screen without affecting the viewability of other phone tasks.

The PRO 6 Plus also can adjust the screen brightness according to the time of day and outdoor conditions without directly affecting the phone’s performance. This function also includes blue-light filtering at night time to avoid affecting a user’s vision.

Meizu PRO 6 Plus specifications

The phone has a Sony-made IMX386 rear camera that shoots 12MP stills and a selfie 5 MP camera with optical image stabilization technology powered by Meizu, laser focus, and photo optimization following the ArcSoft beauty algorithm.

The phone comes with two variants of memory storage: 64 and 128GB. It features Samsung-designed Exynos 8890 processor and 4GB LPDDR4 RAM memory. The 128GB option reaches a top performance of 2.3GHz while the 64 GB tops at 2.0GHz.

The phone also features superior Hi-Fi technology, infrared distance sensor, gyroscope, fingerprint scanner (with a heart rate monitor), and electronic compass.

Meizu 6 PRO Plus price and OS

Meizu’s Flyme 6 OS features a machine-learning engine that registers most-used apps and monitors them to perform better than others. This service system is also what gives the phone the ability to adapt to individual usage and automatically adjusts its settings.

The company states that they have added more than 400 features on this new version of their OS, including some aesthetic design changes and internal integration.

The Meizu 6 PRO Plus has two versions based on the storage and processor. The 128 GB phone costs around $479 and the 64 GB $435. 

Source: Meizu / Android Headlines