No Man's Sky offers a completely random scenario for each gamer as the planets and environments are created as the player continues playing. Image Source: PlayStation4

Since the release of No Man’s Sky, players has been uploading pictures on the internet of the weird things they have encountered.

Almost everything in the space-exploration game is procedurally generated by an algorithm, which means that there is no planet or species premade by the programmers, but they form and create as the player gets closer to the world.

The procedurally generated No Man’s Sky open universe game have over 18 quintillions (1.8×1019) of planets, and each one of them has their fauna and flora.

With all of the possibilities the game have to create worlds, it is possible that nobody, including the game designers, has visited a planet previously visited by other players or seen the things other players have seen.

No Man’s Sky offers gamers with a broad range of different worlds and landscapes, which in turn brings many different creatures and worlds. Image Source: Game Radar

Players keep uploading on websites like Reddit the weirdest things they encounter while exploring the almost endless universe. Some of them are amusing while others may be not so much.

Posts on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media presents very rare and creepy creatures that people have encountered in the game.

No Man’s Sky generate very strange creatures

They go from a “deer with phallic tongue face” to some mutation between a worm and a dilophosaurus to critters with bananas for their heads.

Not every species is weird and ugly as some players have discovered some of them to be even cute or maybe a bit closer to an average animal. Image Source: GR

Of course, between ugly and pretty, there are also creatures that could be classified as terrifying.

Planets can be very weird too, but also breathtaking

Players have encountered planets so strange that they with only have pedestals across the globe and on top of them some vortex cube. Another planet found by a player had some enormous floating islands of rock all over its surface.

Players can also find structures made by apparently some alien species, but sometimes these structures get caught between other things such as trees or vines.

A lot of planets have atmospheres similar to the one of the Earth, but with the difference that some of them have a very vivid color, like one found to have a neon pink atmosphere.

Source: Business Insider