No Man's Sky release date and soundtrack
No Man's Sky release date and soundtrack. Image credit: Gog

No Man’s Sky the most anticipated games in 2016 for many people, and it will be available in the following days. On Friday, the Sci-Fi exploration and adventuring game had its soundtrack released. 65daysofstatic was in charge of the game’s soundtrack.

65daysofstatic is an experimental rock band from Sheffield, England. The group has four members Simon Wright, Rob Jones, Joe Shrewsbury, and Paul Wolinski. The soundtrack created for Hello Games’ title is called No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe. The Soundtrack took ten original songs and six soundscapes composed from the band’s catalog. 

Music for the infinite universe will have two versions, one for the game and the other for the album. Hello Games’ developers created an algorithm that will mix the songs into different combinations each time someone plays the game depending on where the player is at the moment, and what he or she is doing.

No Man’s Sky’s soundtrack is infinite

The music’s algorithm is a variation of the same one used by the creators to procedurally generate the content which means there is going to be a song for traveling, another for mining and so on.

65daysofstatic’s album will be available in an exclusive vinyl edition at iam8bit store. This version will feature a Double LP with artwork made by Simon Stalenhag and Kuldar Leement, No Man’s Sky’s artists.

“We were intrigued by the game, and asked to learn more, and the more we learned, the more we wanted to be involved. We made it abundantly clear that if they didn’t have someone lined up to do the soundtrack, we’d be interested.” Said Joe Shrewsbury during and interview with The Independent.

When Shrewsbury was asked about how the developers ask them to create the soundtrack, he stated the band was only asked to “write the next 65daysofstatic album.” He mentioned how they established a great relationship with No Man’s Sky audio director, Paul Weird.

Ultimately, Shrewsbury explained the difference between the songs on the first disc and the soundscapes on the second one. He described both productions as part of the same project, and he also emphasizes that being No Man’s Sky such a huge game, regarding content, the band wrote an enormous amount of music. 

Last Saturday, Hello Game’s Sean Murray confirmed the delay of No Man’s Sky release on his Twitter account. The game will launch on August 9 on the PlayStation 4, and the PC master race will patiently wait a couple more days until August 12.

Source: The Verge