Logitech simplifies life with the Pop Home Switch
The Pop Home Switch comes in four different colors. Image credit: Commercial Angles.

Logitech unveiled its Pop Home Switch on Thursday. The developing team nicknamed it ‘The Pop,’ and it’s a battery switch that connects to a hub via Bluetooth to control multiple home gadgets from a single terminal.

The device will have a companion app for Android and iOS. With it, users can scan for compatible intelligent devices that are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Once detected, they can link them to the Pop.

The Pop Home Switch works with three commands: a single press, double press or press and hold. For example, users can choose to turn on and off a smart TV with a single touch. Then, they can play a particular playlist by double tapping it or hold the button to lock the doors. The set up is up to the user.

Logitech unifies multiple gadgets in a single device 

A Starter Pack of the Pop Home Switch comes with two buttons and a hub. That means multiple buttons can work with a single hub to save space. Users can stick it to the walls, and it looks like a considerable small patch that fits in the hand.

The switch supports smart-home devices from multiple companies like Phillips Hue, LIFX, Belkin, and much more. Moreover, users can pair the Pop Home Switch with Logitech’s Harmony Hub which would expand the number of supported gadgets, basically, every smart entertainment device.  Apple’s HomeKit remains an exclusive product, so there is no Pop for Mac lovers.

According to the company, people prefer a single pop per room. During the trials, users reported three actions were enough for a reduced space. Accordingly, The home switch comes in four different colors, so people can choose which looks better on their walls.

The Pop makes it all simple

Logitech Home Control Senior Director, Neil Raggio, pointed out in an interview the main idea was that anyone in the house could use the switch, including guests.

He said no one wants to hand over their phones to anyone, so they wanted to provide a service that does not involve the direct use of a smartphone app. Instead, the developing company opted for a third party gadget, talk about thinking out of the box.

Moreover, the companies developing smart-home systems are fighting to eliminate interfaces and making the devices as simple as possible. Something Logitech is bringing with its new offer. Logitech’s Pop Home Switch is an alternative to Amazon’s Echo, the voice-enabled wireless speaker that can interact with the user and do similar tasks.

The Pop Home Switch Starter Pack includes two Pops and a hub, and the add-on Home Switch. Logitech will release it this month, and it will cost $99.99. People can buy an individual switch for $39.99.

Source: Logitech