The midsize RX crossover is probably the most sought after model by Lexus, and now it is receiving a complete makeover for the 2016 one. The new model comes with some serious changes when it comes to the features and overall looks. The looks have been upgraded the most, but the internal has also gone through some revisions as well.

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We will now take all the major changes and compare them to the features of the 2015 model.



As for the exterior of the car, it is probably the part that has been changed the most in the 2016 model. Previous RX version had more or less the same base design, but in the current model, the new additions are quite significant and can be felt when observed from all the angles.

The car now flaunts bold and sharp curves everywhere, which completely revamps the design if you are aware of the staid and conservative look that the previous versions had.



The interiors are also very different from previous years models, and now they have a much more luxurious feel to them as opposed to the common, eggy interior that we are used to see in the former installments of the car.

There have also been quite a few technical changes and now the car comes with some of the latest features that you could expect out of a mid-range vehicle. Some of them include, a larger display screen, a revised gauge cluster, new climate-control vents, an updated center control stack and improved materials.

However, the interior room has not changed much and for people who are looking for better room, they should consider some other options in this price point.

Power and Performance


The 2016 RX comes in two V6 engine powered models, a gas-powered version known as the RX 350 and a hybrid-powered model called the RX 450h. But as far as the powertrain is concerned, there have been a few changes.

Both models are now gaining a 8-speed transmission as opposed to the 6-speed transmission in the previous year’s model. Due to this change, the car now features better accelaration and much improved fuel economy. The fuel economy now stands at up to 20 miles per gallon in the city and 28 mpg on the highway for the RX 350, which is definitely an improvement when compared to 18 mpg city/25 mpg highway that were delivered by last year’s model.

Even when the RX 350 and 450h both pack the same engine as the previous year, they both have now seen a slight increase in the overall power. The RX 350 goes from 270 horsepower in 2015, to 295 horse power this year, while the RX 450h jumps from 295 hp to 308 horse power.



Moreover, Lexus is known for favoring incoroporating advanced tech into their vehicles, and the new RX is no excpetion to that.

The most substantial addition is the improved security system. There was no lane departure warning in the system with the previous gen, but lane departure warning has been coupled with lane-keep assist this year. Another touch up is the adaptive cruise control, which is capable of bringing the car to a complete stop.

The sporty F-sport models come with selectable drive modes that make it possible for the driver to adjust the accelaration and suspension of the car based on the input from the driver.

The Verdict


If we consider the previous versions of the RX, we will definitely come to a conclusion that they have definitely become obsolete after all these years and were struggling amongst the growing competition.

The new model is a welcome replacement as it has all the benefits in more modern styling, improved fuel economy, better technology and an enhanced driving experience, all while still retaining the ride comfort and ease of use.