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LEGO Life is like a safe Facebook for kids. Image: Lego.

The LEGO Company has grown beyond the mini figures to become an industrial success in both movies and video games. So, it is only logical to release its very own app called LEGO Life, which is now available for iOS and Android.

LEGO Life intends to give children a place to create and explore through creating individual LEGO characters, and online reviewers already praise the company’s approach.

LEGO continues to push itself into the 21st century while still maintaining its core values.

Android users (version 4.1 and up) and Apple lovers (iOS 8.0 and later) will need a minimum 200MB to install the fun app, which is completely free. Kids will not be able to use it on their own, as the app requires parental supervision from the start.

LEGO Life created an online safe environment in a clever way

The app caters directly to the younger generations but still includes all the features that users find in regular social networks. A newsfeed, a personal profile, and the ability to interact with other users via likes and comments.

LEGO fans under 13 years old will have to get their parent’s permission to create a LEGO ID which allows them to use the app. Adults must input a valid email that they will confirm separately and their country of residence.

Some users have criticized the fact that LEGO Life does not allow people to create a personal username. Instead, the app assigns a three-word nickname, such as “ChairmanWillyDolphin” right at the start.

The app also eliminates profile pictures, asking users to create their personal LEGO avatars which will appear throughout the experience. Many regard both restrictions as a way to keep the LEGO Life environment safe from the common dangers of social media.

User comments also contain great moderation from the app, and there are no options from single contact such as direct messages or a personal inbox.

A colorful attempt at a kid-friendly space for creativity

In LEGO Life, fans of the franchise will find some of their most beloved characters, including Batman from the upcoming solo movie, and other from previously released films and video games.

Children can, however, join fan groups to learn more about upcoming LEGO products and interact with other LEGO avatars. Users can upload pictures of LEGO projects they have worked on at home, and encourage other to try new builds or share their favorites.

The app also has LEGO challenges intended to boost creativity in children using the app, and LEGO quizzes about the various toys and media currently available. The app also adjusts to a kid’s individual likes to give them compelling content.

James Lema, lead director of the app, has stated that LEGO Life is a work in progress, intended to show how they can add more features progressively while keeping the environment safe from threats like online predators and bullying.

Source: LEGO Life