The Batman Lego Movie will release on February 10, 2017. The producers threw a bone at the media by releasing some images of the main characters, and they look amazing. The studio loosened pictures of the Joker, the antagonist of the movie, and Robin, the caped hero’s sidekick.

The movie will also show a different kind of interaction between the Batman and by far, the best comic villain in history. But also, there is going to be a new approach on the relationship between the Dark Knight and his side-kick.

First, let’s talk about the pictures because Jared Leto’s Joker looks good, but the Lego version is plain scary. Spikey green hair, the white makeup and the purple suit, all checked, the scary pointy yellow teeth to give a bad part of the British town look, also check. The evil clown looks amazing, as it’s the perfect LEGO adaptation for the Joker character from the comics. Zach Galifianakis is going to voice the movie’s antagonist.

Michael Cera is going to do the same for Dick Grayson A.K.A one of the lucky Robins. In contrast with the comic character that knows Bruce’s true nature, the Lego version of the character is going to be represented in a rather enthusiastic and optimist way. With big green goggles and the original colorful suit, the character is going to give some insight on Batman’s personality.

The movie aims to play with the story-line

Comic fans will engage into heated arguments about who the best Batman was. However, they always seem to forget about Will Arnett which performance was so good at the Lego Movie that it ended up giving Gotham’s defender his Lego parody.

As mentioned before, the Joker is going to be the main villain in the movie. He considers himself to be the best opponent for the Dark Knight, but the caped hero doesn’t think so. In fact, he mocks the clown every time he can. As a result, the villain goes on a rampage and starts wreaking havoc in Gotham to prove his worth.

Bruce Wayne will meet the young Dick Grayson at a charity party where he will accidentally adopt him. According to the official information, the film spins around how Bruce Wayne deals with suddenly having a “son”. It is easy to forget the Batman is the real man, and the young millionaire is just a persona to show to the public. It is going to be fascinating to see Batman dealing with the same problems that Adam Sandler had to face in “Big Daddy.”

As it is the custom in Lego movies, there are going to be a lot of Easter eggs. Director Chris McKay said a bunch of comic characters is going to be in the movie at least for a couple of scenes.

All in all, the movie will introduce a soft version of the hero to a young audience, and it will take hardcore fans to simpler times when Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne were close and the Joker was just silly.

Source: IGN