The picture of Sombra allegedly comes from an internal Blizzard site. Image Source: Polygon

It seems like the character roster for ‘Overwatch’ is about to expand. Details about the much-awaited new hero Sombra have surfaced online as part of a leak. The leaked information also includes details of the upcoming Halloween event, which apparently ties a whole lot of loose strings back together in the Overwatch universe.

The Sombra leak follows an ever-lasting, in-game campaign that saw some players grow increasingly frustrated with the game. Blizzard, the developers of ‘Overwatch,’ have teased the introduction of Sombra as part on an alternate reality game-within-a-game, leaving clues all over the multiplayer title and on the company’s official website and forums.

As for the Halloween event, the leak reveals that it might come with new skins for several characters. It will also explain some cryptic images found online by players, but it remains to be seen if the event has any plot or mission further along the way.

Sombra is a world-class hacker coming soon to Overwatch

The 23rd hero of ‘Overwatch’ draws nearer and nearer. With the latest info leak courtesy of a Russian ‘Overwatch’ conglomerate, the online community has learned many details about Sombra, including her backgrounds, alliances, and looks.

Sombra, as previously thought, is a character of Latino origins. Where exactly is she from we do not know, but according to her bio she has worked with the Los Muertos gang in Mexico in the past. Fans previously reached this conclusion by looking at messages posted by Sombra to some Blizzard sites in Spanish.

Her character description goes into further details, claiming that she is “one of the world’s best and most notorious hackers,” and that she belonged to Los Muertos “until she attracted unwanted attention and had to go underground.”

After that, Sombra pledged allegiance to the Talon organization, a notorious group in the ‘Overwatch’ world. This piece of info is essential in unveiling the mystery of Sombra, since previous clues of her featured appearances by Reaper and Widowmaker. These heroes also have ties to Talon.

Her leaked depiction shows her wearing special gloves and carrying a submachine gun. This matches an initial tweet from the official Overwatch Twitter account revealing ‘classified’ information about a new weapon similar to that of Sombra.

The picture of Sombra allegedly comes from an internal Blizzard site, and given the cybercriminal nature of the new hero, fans don’t rule out that this is just another ruse by the company in the ongoing process to unveil the character. The image was accompanied by a text that read Sombra “will be hacking her way into the build later tonight.” It is unclear when “tonight” actually is, but the news broke on Saturday.

The Halloween Event may be a tower defense type of game mode

Following the reports from several Xbox One players finding Halloween loot crates on the Xbox Store, it appears like they did not see just a mere illusion.

The Halloween event may bring new thematic skins for characters like Roadhog, Mercy, Junkrat, Reaper, and more; according to art images tied to the leak. The new costumes are allegedly inspired by a Frankenstein-like storyline in the ‘Overwatch’ comic.

As for the game mode, players will face “Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies” as the main threat of the event in which they have to protect a castle. The Russian group also dug out that this limited mode will have three increasing difficulty settings.

Players should stay alerted in the next couple of days to find out if Blizzard finally adds Sombra to the game, or even worse: if she is already there but we just don’t know it.

Source: Polygon