Kingstone 2TB thumb drive
Kingstone 2TB flash drive. Image: Kingston Technology.

Kingston has revealed a new USB stick capable of storing 2TB of information. The USB 3.0 DataTraveler Ultimate GT is going to launch in February of this year and comes in two models, the one above and a smaller 1TB version.

This reveal makes Kingston the first company in the world to manufacture a thumb drive of such capacity, another technology breakthrough in the young 2017.

The Ultimate GT DataTraveler does not have an official price yet. Kingston has already released another 1TB drive, the Data Traveler HyperX Predator, which sells for more than $2,000 on Amazon.

A Kingston spokesman revealed that the price, however, will be between 40 and 45 cents per gigabyte, which means that its range will be between $800 or $900.

Features and specifications

Kingston announced the new flash unit today at the CES, showcasing its shock-resistant zinc-alloy case and its large, yet compact design. The GT is about 72mm long, 27mm wide, and 21mm tall.

The drive has a single connection, a USB 3.1 port with a USB Type-A connector and no USB-C capability, which might be quite a downside. The GT comes with a five-year warranty and is compatible with Windows 7 (SP1) and higher, Mac OS from 10.9, Linux from 2.6, and Chrome OS.

The GT Ultimate currently offers more storage space than many laptops in the market, including some high-end models. 2TB is the current equivalent of 70 hours of 4K video.

Kingston’s run at CES 2017

The company is also putting out a 240GB SSD, the server-class DC400 SATA-based SSD, packing 1800GB, also in a 1.6TB version. A couple of SSDs working with the NVME Protocol are also in their booth.

Now hailing from Fountain Valley, California, John Tu and David Sun founded Kingston in 1987. The company is now multinational with manufacturing facilities all over the US, Taiwan, China, and Ireland.

Kingston is currently a market-leader in DRAM memory modules, which might experience a spike in sales in 2017, and it ranks the world’s second largest memory products supplier, the first one being SanDisk.

The latter, however, is still struggling to compete with Kingston’s innovating achievements, such as the one unveiled today. Kingston managed to produce an astounding $6.5 billion in revenue last year.

Source: Computerworld