Killer Instinct definitive edition review
Killer Instinct definitive edition review. Image credit: Killer Instinct Ultimate Source.

Release date, features, and availability

Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition arrived on the Xbox One on Tuesday. The ultimate KI collection includes every content the game released in the past three seasons: 26 fighters, 20 stages, costumes and accessories, and KI Classic 1&2 for Xbox One.

KI: DE will also be available for Windows 10 later this year. People who purchase the digital console version via the Xbox Store will receive the Windows 10 version for free as a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere offers.  The retail price of the bundle is $40.

The Definitive Edition also includes new soundtracks, stories, artwork and the special features section of Definitive Edition. As a bonus, every copy of the bundle comes with a Gold Gargos skin, and players who buy the physical edition will receive the Original Soundtrack disc.

Players can get the bundle at a local store, the Xbox Store, or download it in the official page of the game. What’s more, with the game’s latest patch, all owners are going to get a new single player mode for free.

Killer Instinct goes RPG with the ‘Shadow Lords’ campaign mode

‘Shadow Lords’ is the new single player mode of the legendary fighting game. Developers describe it as “part ladder, part arcade, part story, and a part roguelike.” They say it is the conclusion of Season’s three ending.

Players must defeat dreaded overlord Gargos in the story mode. The gamers will have to choose one fighter as their main character and put together a team of four warriors from the game’s roster.

The team can unlock “Guardian” abilities to fight Gargos’ minions, and acquire mimic skins to change their appearance. On top of the fighting, Shadow Lords bring what looks like an overhaul of the loot system to craft and customize the gear.

Killer Instinct gets a money system 

There is also an in-game currency, KI gold, that players must use to get rarer stuff sooner than usual. The coins are earned both playing the game and paying for it with real money.

The new campaign comes free to all Killer Instinct players when they update the game. Craftable items in the Shadow Lords game mode will be available on a new multiplayer game mode the developers announced a while ago.

Finally, the developers said the patch would fix the reported bugs and that it would balance the characters.

Source: Killer Instinct’s official page