This dual mini-PC will allow users to have two different computers just by swapping one piece instead of reconstructing a new machine. Image Source: PC Mag

The audiovisual developer In Focus has recently released their newest Kangaroo Notebook. This model offers the budget price of $300 for an innovative modular constructed computer. With its business design, it offers different setups for users to swap between the various micro PCs effortlessly.

Since the early designs for modular smartphones, this kind of technology has gained several supporters as it will offer cheap, useful solutions. The Kangaroo laptop follows this concept by providing customers with a laptop dock as the body and a mini PC as the brain.

The laptop dock consists of a notebook body similar to conventional portable computers. Its design is very simple with black and brown colors with no details. The dock has an 11,6-inch screen and comes with mouse, keyboard, webcam, microphone, speakers, ports and a battery to power them up. Aside from these devices, it does not feature any internal components.

On the other hand, the mini PC has the appearance of an MP3 player but serves as the brain of the notebook. The laptop will come with two different mini pcs designed to perform different tasks. This dual mini-PC will allow users to have two different computers just by swapping one piece instead of reconstructing a new machine.

The brains inside the Kangaroo model

The two versions are split into regular performance or high performance. Both of them contain the RAM, GPU and internal storage of the computer. The simpler version will count with 32GB of internal storage, 2 GB of RAM, and an Intel Quad-Core CherryTrial 1.44GHz.

The higher performance one will feature a powered up Inter Quad-Core CherryTrial processor running at 1.92GHz so that it may run smoother that its brother. Both of them will run in a built-in version of Windows 10. However, the developers have stated that cooling for these processors is still a problem, so customers need to take into consideration this factor.

The developers have also mentioned that users will be able to access the BiOS inside the mini PC to customize them, but they advise against this as its architecture is incredibly unique. More versions will be released in the future to appeal different type of users.

The critics so far seem to be displeased with the result

Official media has started to release its reviews for the initial Kangaroo model. So far most critics appear to agree that the simplistic design of the laptop dock looks dull. They expected a more impressive body or at least, customizable. Also, the price seems to be uncompetitive as some of the budget notebooks offered by other companies feature lower prices for a regular PC.

As a matter of fact, the new Lenovo’s Ideapad 100S features a price of $129.99, offering the possibility of having two laptops for the same $300 price of the Kangaroo model.

For the first example of modularly constructed PCs, the Kangaroo is a reliable product which will keep opening space for modular technological solutions if the future.

Source: Windows Central