IOTransfer 3 Review: 2019 Best iPhone iPad Manager & Transfer

The IOTransfer can be considered as an outstanding iTunes alternative which is not just a substitute but actually is better than iTunes. When it is about managing or transferring content on your iPad or iPhone, IOTransfer is one of the best software you’ve got. It’s much more user-friendly, simple, cool than iTunes, and bring you more convenience.

One of the most special features of IOTransfer is that it has a slick interface which looks like very minimal, also clear and straightforward. The working method and the process are the same as iTunes like copy, sync, and transfer, etc. Moreover, it contains more features than iTunes which including a manager for all files, a wireless transfer, a deep phone cleaner, an unblocked YouTube video downloader and converter, an iCloud photo manager, a GIF maker and more.

We’ve used the software and then studied the software and then analyzed the observation. Keep reading to understand IOTransfer completely. The version we tested is IOTransfer 3.

UI and Design

Let’s start the review with the analysis of the user interface. Now because Apple has an obsession with constantly updating the interface of iTunes in order to create it more user-friendly, cooler and easier to handle. But just when you start to explore the IOTransfer software, you will start to feel that maybe if iTunes has been like this, it would’ve been better. IOTransfer contains a really slick, cool interface, which makes it very simple to sync and to transfer files across iOS devices and computers, as well as to manage kinds of data like photos, videos, apps, contacts, etc., enables you to find things fast and appropriately.

IOTransfer 3 Review: 2019 Best iPhone iPad Manager & Transfer

Data Transfer and Sync

IOTransfer works mostly like iTunes on the basis of allowing you to sync the data from the computer to your iPhone iPad and vice versa, which totally revolutionizes the process you generally do it. It allows you to send the music files and other files on your iPad or iPhone without any risk of losing existing data, no data replacement at all. Regarding that case, it genuinely passes the iPhone like just a drive which is physical but also works just perfectly with the sync process also.

IOTransfer 3 Review: 2019 Best iPhone iPad Manager & Transfer

The most interesting fact is that it frees you from using a USB cable to sync data by providing a wireless transfer feature so that you can smoothly sync your data on the air.

Deep Phone Clean

The feature which is not so prominent in IOTransfer but you will appreciate very much, which does a lot to remove the cache and junk files is the built-in phone cleaner. Not only will you find out the details of useless files that are there on your device, and you will also be able to surf through these files. There are lots of handy & quality cleaning tools of files for iPhone, IOTransfer is clearly one of them no doubt.

IOTransfer 3 Review: 2019 Best iPhone iPad Manager & Transfer

Video Download and Convert

The downloader feature in VIDEOS helps you effortlessly download and save favorite videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other 100+ sites. To be counted as an extra benefit of IOTransfer is that it allows you to convert video files into various file formats including audio file formats, and automatically transfer them to your iOS device directly. No need to worry about unsupported video file format anymore.

IOTransfer 3 Review: 2019 Best iPhone iPad Manager & Transfer

Multiple Practical Built-in Tools

Last but not least, IOTransfer built-in with multiple simple but useful tools including Instagram Downloader, GIF Maker, iCloud Photo Manager. Another new tool called Similar Photo Cleaner will be added in IOTransfer 4 to help you quickly find and delete similar photos on both your iOS devices and your computer.

IOTransfer 3 Review: 2019 Best iPhone iPad Manager & Transfer


As you see, IOTransfer is so useful that it not only makes you genuinely manage and transfer files as you want but also helps you clean and boost iDevices with 1 click, get your beloved online videos effortlessly and convert them to any format through IOTransfer automatically. Plus, it is capable of more features to bring you more convenience than iTunes. You can download IOTransfer and try out by yourself. It is definitely worth it.