Apple iOS 9.2 on iPad Mini 4.

Apple recently unveiled all the features that it will be adding to the iOS version 9.3. It is true, that the multiple account support for the students may be the most significant one, but still, there are some other tricks ups its sleeve that may please the users as well.

One of the latest offerings is called “Night Shift“. This gimmick subtly shifts the color temperature of the display based on the time and location of your iPad or iPhone. The whole point behind this feature is to reduce the blast of blue light, that is believed to be the major cause of sleep problems that happens with people who often use the device late in the evening.

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Furthermore, iOS 9.3 had recently made its way to the Amazon Fire Tablets and is becoming a popular addition that is being installed in many devices. F.Lux is an application that is available for the Mac OS X and works in a similar way. It launched on iOS but was shot down as it involved the installation of several private APIs. A number of users had contemplated the addition of this feature in iOS at that time.

Other than the Night Shift, there are several major additions to iOS 9.3. Apple School manager is one of the most noticeable ones. A selection of applications has also been updated with more features or greater stability and security. Apple’s CarPlay system is also something that the recent update is built on. The Maps has upgraded to show services such as gas, parking, restaurants, coffee, and more, that are present around your current location.

At the moment, iOS 9.3 is available as a public preview. Though, we would not recommend you to install it yet, as previews are bound to have some stability and other functionality issues.