India – Windows 10 was released worldwide yesterday. Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) latest operating system is being analyzed for several factors like popularity, usability, sustainability and many more. Several analysts across India suggest that Windows 10 will have a tough time to crack Indian market; especially with the enterprise users. Windows 10 Enterprise edition will have a mixed response, when it comes to the organizations and professionals from India, mention the analysts.

Windows 10 Enterprise edition may get a cold response from India

What do the analysts say about Windows 10 Enterprise Edition?

Several analysts across India have contributed their views for the response Windows 10 Enterprise edition will get in India. Some of the market experts mention that Windows 10 Enterprise Edition won’t be too much popular; despite the fact that the professionals will get a free update of the new OS. Some analysts say Windows 10 Home Edition will be more useful for the handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. Some analysts draw attention towards the advantages Windows 10 will provide. The users who have pirated versions of Windows operating systems, they can go for the authentic version with Windows 10.

Vishal Tripathi, the research director at Gartner India says,

“At the enterprise level, adoption will vary. Early adopters of Windows 7 may migrate to Windows 10 if they have some compelling business reasons. Cost is not the only concern for organizations. It is also about security, compatibility and manageability,”

He further adds,

“Organizations use legacy- and custom-based applications than regular plug-and-play software. A compatibility test is needed. That will require time and effort. Those that recently migrated to Windows 7 will not move away too quickly, while others will wait and watch,”

Prasanto K. Roy, a famous technology writer and chief editor of Trivone mentions that Indian market is a tough nut to crack for Windows. According to him, many organizations will be reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10; despite the free upgrade, since they are well-settled with earlier versions of Windows, like Windows 7 and even Windows XP. He mentions,

“It’s next to impossible to get a large enterprise to upgrade Windows, or even to agree to buy hardware with the latest version of Windows within the same year of a new version’s launch,”.

Thus, analysts are skeptical about the overall performance of Windows 10 Enterprise edition in India. In fact, their responses are mixed reactions. It is certainly a ‘wait-and-watch’ situation for Windows 10.