A few apps and blogs to follow about the latest Game of Thrones news, and you will feel like the king of Westeros, who knows and sees everything!

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Follow @GameOfThrones on Twitter!


Twitter is your one stop shop, for all the latest happenings all over the world. Follow Game of Thrones on twitter to receive the latest news and updates before anyone else. @GameOfThrones is the official Game of Thrones twitter handle which is a must for any GOT fan.



This is a blog dedicated to Game of Thrones speculations, rumors, casting information etc. It is followed by thousands of Game of Thrones fans. Many rumors and conclusions that fans have written on the blog, have turned out to be true in one way or the other.

If you want a news source that leaks information before the official source, this is one of the blogs you should bookmark.



This is another blog that will keep you up to date on rumors and breaking news about the Game of Thrones franchise. Commentary and podcasts are also available. It is more of a community that actively talks and participates in various activities rather than a blog that is dedicated explicitly to rumors. They even have their own store with Game of Thrones T-shirts.

Download HBO Now


HBO’s app for smartphones lets you stream live TV, or watch episodes of your favorite HBO TV series. If you have already subscribed to HBO services then the app would be free of charge for you. If you do not have HBO paid services on your TV then plans for subscriptions start from $15.

Through the app, viewers can catch up with the latest episodes and live HBO from anywhere, on their smartphone and keep up to date with the show.



Westeros.org is yet another blog dedicated to the fictional land of Westeros. Based in the fantasy land of Game of Thrones, it is run by GOT fanatics. The blog is a great place to participate in contests and polls that keep you engaged until the next episode comes out.

The blog is updated daily with the latest news and rumors about Game of Thrones. GoT fans should definitely follow it for the latest updates on Game of Thrones.

The following list of sources should be enough to keep you updated with the latest Game of Thrones updates and happenings.

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