Hitman Episode 6, Hokkaido review.
Hitman Episode 6, Hokkaido review. Image credit: Hitman Official Website.

Japan – Japanese game studio Square Enix released the final DLC for Hitman: Agent 47. In Episode 6: Hokkaido, the assassin will travel to Japan and must locate two different targets and hit a perfect season finale.

Agent 47 arrives at the hyper-exclusive GAMA private hospital and resort in Hokkaido. The scenario merges the beauty of Japanese tradition with cutting-edge technology. Some of the graphical wonders are the Zen gardens and a Japanese hot spring.

Episode 20: Hokkaido comes with a new destination and story mission, seven new guided opportunities, 20 events of Hokkaido Mastery, a new VIP patient suit, 70 location-specific challenges, seven new trophies/achievements, general improvements, and fixes.

Hitman: Situs Inversus

The term relates to a real-life medical condition that happens when the heart and other organs of the body are on opposite sides to where they should be.

Agent 47’s main target suffers from this condition and checks into the expensive GAMA hospital for life-saving surgery. Players must make sure the operation does not succeed, one way or another. As always, there are many roads to complete the contract.

The target is also going to close the game’s story in a full circle that started back when Agent 47 first joined the agency.

General improvements to menus and HUD 

Since the game released last February, developers have added new live content and improved the Contract mode almost every week. They have also created Escalations alongside the fans, including Challenges and Challenge Packs.

The new update brings further improvements to the game. For example, now the loading screens show the mission targets.

The upgrade also added checkmarks to target kill conditions, a debriefing screen with objectives information, a “North” indication on the mini map, and a “Visibly Armed” status alert on the HUD.

Gears and weapons are now part of listed categories, rather than tabs. It should make it easier to find specific items. Likely, the in-game inventory now displays the kill condition for each item: for example, a screwdriver will show “Lethal Throw” and “Lethal Melee.”

When creating contracts, players can now unmark a target from the Notebook page. Additionally, the Contracts Mode allows plates to see the deals they have accepted in a new “My History” menu.

Hitman Hokkaido DLC price and release date

Episode 6: Hokkaido released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on October 31st at 15:00 CET / 7 AM PT. The DLC has a price tag of $9.99 across digital retailers, including PC store Steam.

Episode 6 download size is about 7 to 9GB. Besides, all players will receive a mandatory update of around 5 to 8GB, depending on platform, after the necessary server maintenance.

Source: Hitman official page