HDM Global's 2017 plan to rebuild the Nokia brand
HDM Global's 2017 plan to rebuild the Nokia brand. Image: Softpedia News.

Nokia is back with a vengeance at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, where it announced three smartphones were launching globally in Q2 and the return of the Nokia 3310.

Under HMD’s leadership, the brand has a plan to restore itself to its former glory and beyond, claiming a seat at the table with big players in the mobile market along with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

The phone maker’s strategy relies primarily on this first stage post-MWC, in which the Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3 will prove their worth in store shelves against other competitors before launching a high-end flagship later this year.

People want to see Nokia succeed out of nostalgia

Chances are your first mobile phone was a Nokia. Such was the case of a Google representative welcoming the brand to the Android ecosystem at the MWC, expressing the significance of the partnership after so many years since he owned that first handset.

Like him many want to see the brand make a comeback. People remember those first Nokia devices not only as durable phones but also as a reliable way of staying connected even as they evolved over time.

Now, after seeing the brand fall and struggle under Microsoft’s management, mobile enthusiasts want to see HDM Global making it right for the iconic brand.

HMD is ready to capitalize on Nokia’s business

HMD is aware of people’s perception of the company it now manages, and they are prepared to use that to its fullest to write the next chapter of their story.

To capture the attention of both old and new owners, Nokia will keep producing quality feature phones such as the beloved 3310, launching with a new design this next quarter.

As a new company based on Android OS, Nokia tested the waters in China, and the results lifted the spirits: the Nokia 6 prompted 1.3 million consumers to register for a chance at getting the device, which sold out in 23 seconds once it came out.

Customer satisfaction rates in China are at 97% with the first Nokia smartphone under HMD, and over 70% of all consumers belong to a new generation. Seeing such reception made it a no-brainer to announce the Nokia 6, 5, and 3 globally this Sunday.

A Nokia premium flagship will seal the deal

There is just one thing missing for HMD to establish its presence in the market as a power player: a high-end flagship phone. The Nokia 6 is by no means a bad device, but it pales in comparison with next-gen handsets expected to come out this year.

Nokia could deliver a coup de grace to the competition by launching a premium smartphone later this year, after the Samsung Galaxy 8 debuts in April and the iPhone 8 comes out in the summer or fall.

Rumors say HDM Global is already working on its first flagship bearing the Nokia brand. Most experts expect the main selling angle will be its price, competitively low when seen compared with the rising figures of Apple and Samsung’s offerings.

Source: Forbes