The Must Haves. Unique Phone Cases For 2020.

Life is ever-changing: Seasons, trends, fashion and of course phone cases. Today many people keep a variety of phone cases for their pride and joy to periodically change their phones appearance when the mood takes them. We’ve seen many different types of phone cases with a wide range of designs, materials, and features.

We trawled the web to find the most unique phone cases that money can buy. From friend chicken cases to coffee-scented covers, we’ve come up with some awesome offerings for your phone.

Kamila’s 4AM Art

Our first offering comes from Kamila’s 4AM Art. Kamila specializes in making hand-designed products (not just phone cases) which feature preserved flowers. Her range has lots of different types of flowers from various seasons so you can switch up your case to match the time of year.

The cases are made from a transparent soft TPU material with the leaves and petals laid on the back and sealed to create a truly stunning and unique design. Some of Kamila’s most popular designs feature cherry blossoms, roses, and sunflowers. Founder Mimi Dumalaog, a keen environmentalist offers far more than just phone cases extending her creative talent to clothing, accessories and household items.


Mmore was born from the love of a curious combination, nature, and technology. Seeking a way to combine the best of both worlds, Mmore founder Ziga drew inspiration from nature to create a truly unique range of cases.

Have you ever wondered? Is it possible to feel blades of grass when you hold your phone? Or to smell the sweet smell of a rose whenever you make a call? With Mmore phone cases, now you can. Each PU case features a thin coating of its namesake material on the rear of the case which is then coated with sugar-based resin which keeps everything in place but also allows preserves the natural scent. The result: an incredibly gorgeous case that smells simply amazing.

Mmore have a range of different options for you to choose from. Two of their most popular cases include the coffee case, made from crushed organic coffee beans and their lavender cases made from dried and preserved lavender. All materials used in the case range are taken from sustainable sources. Best of all, if the scent of your case fades over time, you can buy a small bottle of scent to replenish it ensuring your phone always looks and smells great.

CaseFace is a popular phone accessories retailer who has recently launched their own eco-friendly case range. Among the range is their unique organika range which features cases made from various flowers and other plants.

The entire case is made from environmentally friendly materials with a soft recyclable outer shell which is nice and grippy. The back features crushed petals and other organic materials coated with a clear resin to create a beautiful design.


Mous create ultra-premium phone cases from a variety of luxurious materials such as carbon fibre, wood, shell, and leather. Mous cases are crafted with a minimalist design that’s super protective without being too bulky. It’s often the most difficult aspect of case manufacturing: there is usually a trade-off between aesthetic and protection but with Mous, the cases are slim, gorgeous and tough as nails.

Mous cases feature their unique “Airoshock” protection which dampens shock impact and adds extra grip to the phone. If you’re looking for something simple and elegant that can take a few nasty knocks, Mous might be the one for you.


For over a decade, Carved has been doing truly wonderful things with phone cases. With a unique blend of creativity, passion, and design, Carved create some of the most stunning cases currently on the market

Carved has been doing wonderful things with phone cases for both Android and Apple phones over the past few years, and it is their unique blend of creativity and product design that caught my eye.

Carved offer a various assortment of designs that will appeal to just about anybody’s fancy. The company’s signature trait is their use of wood and resin for their phone cases. This synergetic blend gives a premium finish with that designs that’s 100% unique with every case.


If you’re looking for something truly unique: Behold, the Meerkat Fried Chicken Case. This case is definitely a real conversation starter. This case features a shockingly realistic piece of fried chicken attached to the back of the case. We’re not exactly sure who the target demographic is for this one but for those who like to look like they’re speaking into a piece pf chicken, you should definitely check this one out.

And for those of you who don’t like fried chicken, Meerkat also have a shrimp sushi case which may be more to your liking.