GTA Online: Executive Bonus Weekend & Import/Export DLC news

Rockstar Games is currently holding its Executive Bonus Weekend on ‘GTA Online,’ bringing new ways to rack in more cash in the game to prepare for the Import/Export DLC coming later this month.

The Executive Bonus Weekend event presents an opportunity for CEOs of in-game Organizations to gather resources just before the Import/Export update hits the game, allowing them to expand their businesses before their competitors do.

GTA Online’s next DLC continues to build on the foundations laid by Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, the game’s latest expansion launched last summer.

The new in-game missions and content of the Executive Bonus Weekend will be available on Monday, December 12, while the Import/Export DLC has no set release date. Rumors point to a launch before December 20.

GTA Online: Executive Bonus Weekend info

Just logging into GTA Online and entering a clothes shop in the game will get you the Blue Paisley Smoking Jacket and the Blue Paisley Pajamas for your character free of charge.

Make sure you get these items to continue expanding the wardrobe of free clothing pieces provided by Rockstar on its bonus events for Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

Next up, if players want to earn twice as much RP and GTA$, they can engage in the adversary modes Hunting Pack, Extraction, and Entourage. Competitive matches will give the Winners team double the earnings.

Furthermore, the new Deadline mode will also get you twice the in-game currency for completing a run on your Nagasaki Shotaro. Boost, zone, and hop on the futuristic bike to outrun adversaries with your light trail.

The Executive Bonus Weekend will also open up the chance to participate in the Canyon Crossing Premium Race and enjoy discounts of up to 50% on exclusive items like office spaces, vehicles, and other goods.

GTA Online: Import/Export DLC details

GTA Online: Import/Export will add mass trafficking of cars to the list of illicit activities Organizations can do. CEOs and Executives will count with new vehicles, buildings, and missions to get away with their criminal deeds.

Special Vehicles will be available for some tasks, although Rockstar has not been keen on providing more details ahead of launch. Some speculate these vehicles will be not only high-performance racecars but also heavy-duty wheelers like tanks and modified cars.

Moreover, the Executive Office buildings will see the addition of Executive Office Garages with capacity for up to 60 vehicles, in addition to an in-house Custom Auto Shop. Vehicle Warehouses at a different location will store all the stolen cars at a different location.

GTA Online: Import/Export does not have a scheduled release date, but most of the gaming community agrees the DLC should launch before December 20, just in time for Christmas.

Source: Rockstar Games