GTA Online Bikers update review
GTA Online Bikers update review. Image from YouTube.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is still alive. Developer Rockstar Games launched a multiplayer update titled ‘Bikers‘ for GTA Online, available for free on any console.

The Bikers update¬†introduces the Motorcycle Clubs to GTA V’s multiplayer mode. The addition brings more than new rides and leather jackets. It brings clubs up to eight players. They will have to battle for turf against other biker crews and criminal factions.

The add-on is launching with a GTA $1,000,000 contest that requires players to tag the best Snapmatic photo of the new content. The update also brings many optimizations, and bug fixes to GTA Online.

How to be part of an MC?

Players can start their MC, while anyone can join a club by becoming a Prospect. As newcomers prove their value, the chief can promote Prospects to bigger roles inside the criminal structure, including Vice President, Road Captain, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Enforcer.

Each position comes with its set of abilities, like dropping body armor, calling Hit Squads, set riding formations and start MC Challenges.

The MCs will operate on a Clubhouse. There are 12 available locations for the President to choose, from Paleto Bay seashore to the streets of Rancho. Players can purchase the base via the new Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

Each base comes with a bar, activities like darts, murals, a meetings room and the option to upgrade the house to an in-house Custom Bike Shop.

The Bikers update adds with new vehicles, clothes, and weapons

There are 13 new choppers ready to hit the streets. The bikes provide boosts to health regeneration and damage.

With Bikers, players will gain the ability to melee opponents from the seat of the bike while riding. Also, Ammu-Nation is selling the new Battle Axe, Poll Cue, and Pipe Wrench to take the rivals down quickly. Additionally, there is the new automatic Sweeper Shotgun and Compact Grenade Launcher.

Riders can enjoy a new extensive wardrobe with new styles to represent their affiliation to an MC. The selection includes jackets, haircuts, helmets, and plenty of leather and denim pants and shirts.

Rockstar updated the Emblem creator so Presidents can further customize their gangs with a crew emblem.

Lastly, Bikers adds a new adversary mode: Slipstream. The mode requires a team of riders to race together, hit checkpoints and cross the finish line before the opposing club. Players can take advantages of speed boosts and can melee attack their opponents to throw them off their bikes. There are seven tracks for gamers to race.

Source: Rockstar Games