GoPro's Karma Grip reviews.
GoPro's Karma Grip stabilizer. Image: TheUSBPort.

The Karma Grip is the latest addition to the family of GoPro accessories. The new tool will let users take more steady videos in comparison to the ones filmed with the camera sitting atop a helmet or in a selfie stick.

The stabilizer is not available yet on Amazon or other online retailers, but photography enthusiasts can get it at GoPro‘s official website for $299.

The grip comes with all the needed additions to start taking still photos and a soft but reliable case.

The Karma Grip is currently compatible with the GoPro Hero 4, and the Hero 5. Customers will also be able to use it with the smaller Hero 5 Session, coming in 2017.

Technical specs and features

Photographers can attach this accessory almost anywhere using one of the included mounts, and they can also hold it like a selfie stick.

The Karma Grip acts as an extension of the GoPro, meaning that once mounted users can charge both items at the same time and download photos to a computer without having to detach the camera from the stabilizer.

The gadget has built-in camera controls for recording, power, and changing modes. The official website states, however, the 2017 Hero Session will not support this feature. The Karma Grip also comes with a sturdy extension cable.

GoPro's Karma Grip is basically a stable selfie stick.
GoPro’s Karma Grip is basically a stable selfie stick. Image: GoPro.

The Karma Grip is relatively medium size, with a stabilizer measuring 6in x 4.3in x 3.3in and weighing about 8.5oz (2.4kg). The handle measures 8in x 1.7in x 1.7in and weighs a little more than the mounts.

Together (and counting the camera’s weight) they might pose a challenge for some photographers, but most reviewers are already praising the grip for its versatility.

Karma Grip: Pros and cons

The gadget contains a tilt-lock among the controls for users to aim the GoPro above or below the horizon line and also a follow function that allows them to keep track of a subject within the frame by double-tapping the button.

The Karma Grip lets users record 2.7K videos at 60 fps, but it will lose effectiveness if the user wants to use higher settings.

The package does not include a tripod which is rather unpractical, and the grip’s rechargeable battery only lasts for up to an hour and 45 minutes. After that, it needs six hours of recharging to be full again.

All in all, the tool is useful and has received numerous positive reviews. It is up to the customer whether the perks are worth $299.

Source: CNET