GoPro Announces “GoPro VR” VR Video App, and “LiveVR” live streaming tool. Image Credit: GoPro

GoPro announced Wednesday that its Omni virtual reality 6-camera package would begin shipping to pre-order customers as well as being available to new customers next week on August 17.

The $5,000 complete unit brings customers a professional set of tools for capturing, stitching and publishing high-resolution 360-degree, spherical, and virtual reality (VR) photographs and videos. Self-proclaimed as “the best way to start creating virtual reality content”, GoPro’s Omni features provide an end-to-end solution to 360° video creation.

The package comes with the Omni Sync Rig, 6 HERO4 Black cameras with 32GB microSD cards, and the GoPro Smart Remote for wireless triggering from up to 600’ (180m). Omni has an external Switronix Hypercore 98S battery to extend recording time up to 3 hours and it’s ‘alien’ hardware and software provide VR content with out-of-this-world quality.

It also brings a seven-port USB hub and six microSD card readers to offload content, as well as Mac OS and Windows apps to stitch and edit videos (Omni Importer, Kolor Autopano Video Pro + Autopano Giga).

Omni package offers extraterrestrial features

The Omni Importer allows users to preview stitch instantly and see how shots line up at once. They can rename shots for organizing files as well as to select and render exact moments. It also gives the possibility to choose which level of color correction (low, medium, high) to use or decide between no stabilization or optical stabilization. Finally, users can render output versatility (quick 2K, high-quality 4K, cinematic quality 8K).

Also included in the Omni bundle are six GoPro lens covers, six GoPro Hero4 batteries, a Switronix GP-S V-mount battery, a plate clamp, a Switronix GP-LS battery charger, a PowerTap-to-DC 2.5 x 5.5mm cable, a waterproof shipping case, plastic tweezers, a microfiber bag, and a 2.5mm hex key.

Omni Sync Rig specs and design

For customers who already have the 6 HERO4 Black cameras, they can have the Omni Sync Rig for $1,500. It’s worth mentioning that Omni is the only synchronized 6-camera GoPro rig. Power on the primary camera, and it’ll power on all six cameras.

Third-party platforms don’t offer synchronization, so users will have to find the sync point between all cameras on their own before stitching the videos. Omni connects its six cameras, triggers them together and synchronizes video streams without the need of post-production.

Regarding its hardware, Omni offers pixel-level synchronization, error-proof shooting, heat dissipation, versatile power options, durable and modular parts, and SD card management. On its design, the 120mm x 120mm x 120mm cube-shaped rig is made of a multi-panel aluminum frame that’s robust, weightless and compact all at once.

Source: GoPro