Google’s Pixel XL Vs. the Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Google’s flagship smartphone, the Pixel XL from its latest gadget line officially came out last month. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi announced its new Mi Note 2, which came out a few days ago.

Both phones have received similar praise and criticism, which has prompted many buyers to inquire as to which one is the best of the two.

Both devices sport the same Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 821 processor and the same GPU, but they enjoy a set of unique perks that might be game changers for some customers.

Google’s famed phablet starts at $649 on their official store while Xiaomi’s variant is much less expensive, costing $515.

Battle of the Android Phablets: nearly identical internal specs with some external differences

The Xiaomi phone is only 0.2 inches larger than its Pixel rival, containing all of the same internal build features.

Same processors, same specs, (almost) same performance speed, same GPU. The only significant internal difference could be Xiaomi’s phablet runs an older version of Android (6.0 Marshmallow) than the Pixel XL (7.1 Nougat).

The Xiaomi apparently has less band availability than Google’s Pixel but makes up for it with its dual-SIM capability (nano size), something Google’s phone does not have.

Both of them have the same AMOLED screen but different resolutions, the Pixel XL beating Mi Note’s 1080×1920 with a whopping 1440×2560 and a lot more ppi.

Both of them feature the same amount of RAM and an almost identical performance count, as stated above. The Xiaomi phone beats Google’s giant by only a tiny margin, clocking 2.35GHz in speed while the Pixel tops at 2.15GHz.

As an added note, they pack they same amount of sensors, including fingerprint ID. However, Google put an additional magnetometer inside the Pixel.

Camera and storage

They both have an 8MP selfie cam. However, The Mi Note 2 has a 23MP Sony-made main camera which beats the Pixel XL’s backshooter.

The Pixel XL’s 12.3MP rival seems little in comparison, but Google’s phablet still has more to offer. It supports Gesture Shot, face recognition and optical image stabilization, something the Xiaomi currently cannot do.

They rival each other in all battery and standby time specs, with none surpassing the other, but the Pixel XL offers 64GB internal storage while the Mi Note 2 gives users only 32GB.

Both of them have 128GB variants and no card slot. The Xiaomi 128GB model also comes with an added 2GB of RAM.

Source: Google Store / Xiaomi device