Google to unveil a new OS for all its devices called Andromeda. Image credit: TheNextWeb.

Google may give the world a glimpse of its new operating system today. The American tech giant is all set to reveal several pieces of hardware at the Google 10/4 event. The Alphabet subsidiary may also take the chance to show the much-awaited Andromeda OS.

The rumors of the upcoming unified OS come as Google prepares to deliver the new devices it has in stock. Besides the leaked Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, the Mountain View company will also reportedly reveal a Pixel branded tablet and laptop. The new products could roll out with a new OS called Andromeda.

Besides all of these announcements, reports suggest Google will also launch a competing home assistant to Amazon’s Echo in the form of a Google Home hub.

A 4k Chromecast dubbed Ultra may also show up alongside a new router from the company, named just Google Wi-Fi. The hardware event will kick off at 9 a.m. PT and YouTube will host a live stream.

What is Andromeda OS?

Even though the company has not confirmed a new OS, many industry experts agree Andromeda represents Google’s next step in software development.

Andromeda is a unified OS that combines the company’s two existing operating systems into one. The upcoming software will merge the mobile-based Android and desktop-based Chrome OS into a single, next-generation OS for all devices.

In doing this, Google will have an equal competitor to seamless cross-device platforms like Microsoft’s Windows 10. The company’s approach is similar to that of Microsoft, in that they will try to integrate powerful desktop features into mobile devices rather than the opposite.

Chrome OS already brings apps and the like to desktop computers and laptops, but the next step resides in bringing real computer-like firepower to mobile devices in a seamless way.

Google’s hardware event will reportedly feature a ‘Pixel 3’ laptop, in which the tech giant will run an early version of Andromeda. A new tablet by Huawei will make an appearance as well, so perhaps the company might go all-out and even show the audience a sneak-peek of its alleged cross-device integration.

Will Pixel be the end of Nexus? 

It is still unclear if the debut of the Pixel brand will be the end of the Nexus lineup, and if the reveal of Andromeda will announce the beginning of the end for both Chrome OS and Android.

With Google actively pushing the ‘Made by Google’ narrative in its new device lineup, it may seem like the tech giant is going for a bolder approach to the world market. The public will find out at 9 a.m. PT when the company starts its long-teased event.

Source: Recode