Google Sheets Hacks: Things You Should Know To Maximize Its Features

The changes that came with the modern technological advancements in our education and business systems created the need to live our lives much faster than we used to live before. Today, it’s impossible to achieve all our daily tasks by doing them the old-school way. For example, in case you need to write a word document or create an excel spreadsheet some years ago, you needed a large and bulky desktop computer. Nowadays, the story is different.

Using Microsoft’s Excel sheets requires you to do your work only from your computer. Because of this, Google created cloud-based online documents where you can do the same work, but on the go. Also, Google sheets have been significantly improved, making them much better than their desktop counterparts. It allows us to do our jobs much faster compared to the traditional desktop Microsoft’s Excel version. Here are some things everyone must know about google spreadsheets so they could use its full potential:

1. Integration Of Spreadsheets With Other Apps

Google sheet is an incredible tool that helps us with our daily routines and tasks. But if you could incorporate this tool with some other apps on your smart devices, it would make the use of Google sheets even better and much faster.

Using Google sheets for project management helps increase productivity as well as it improves your team’s ability to complete the tasks at hand. Additionally, if you integrate Google sheets with the Paperform app, you’ll be able to collect various types of data like client responses, online orders, contact information, survey responses, and many others, but that’s not all!

The integration of Google sheets with this app means that not only you’ll be able to collect the relevant data, but the data you’ve collected will be incorporated automatically to your spreadsheet. This allows companies to fast-forward the part where employees needed to fill in the data manually, which significantly speeds up the entire process.

2. Filtration Of Spreadsheet Data

Another built-in feature of the Google spreadsheet allows you to filter your spreadsheet so you could present the targeted view within your sheet. Before this was possible, people needed to search for each piece of information manually. Now, this incredible feature helps you select and put the essential and targeted information upfront.

Segmentation of the relevant data allows you to choose the content you want and bind the specific cells together, so when the user filters the sheet, he/she will see the relevant content you’ve selected for the particular project.

3. Translating Various Languages

Google and all its tools are being incorporated into one another, which is incredibly useful since people won’t have to scroll through various tabs and use each tool separately anymore. One of the examples is when Google came up with a fantastic idea of integrating the Google Translate tool into Google spreadsheets. By doing so, Google allowed its users to utilize the translation tool within the spreadsheet whenever they need.

Using Google translate within your spreadsheet is easy, and it requires the use of GOOGLETRANSLATE function within your sheet. For example, by typing „=GOOGLETRANSLATE(“No lo se,” “es,” “en”), you’ll get a translation of the sentence from its original Spanish to the English language.

The ease of access to various Google tools is changing everything for the better. The integration of tools like Google Translate into other Google’s products like a spreadsheet is a fantastic way to help people use their tools and services in a much simpler manner. Translating numerous languages directly within the sheet is fantastic since it will save a significant amount of time you’d have to waste on doing all of it manually.

4. Use MACROS For Automating Repetitive Tasks

The „Macro“ feature was recently added to Google spreadsheets, and it’s incredibly useful if you want to automate any repetitive tasks that you spend a lot of time on during each day. By opening the ’Tools’ menu and selecting the ’Macro>Record Macro’ option, you’ll be able to record the repetitive tasks and steps so you could then use the recording in the future instead of doing it manually again.

In case you’re making formatting changes or rearranging the rows and columns every day, this option will save you a lot of time. Regardless of the tasks you’re doing, you can record any one of them so that you won’t need to repeat them again and again.

5. Inviting Others To Work Simultaneously In Your Spreadsheet

Google spreadsheet has one more incredible feature that allows you to invite countless associates and colleagues to work on the same project. Granting access to the spreadsheet to more people at once is a game-changer since everyone can see the changes in real-time. That way, everyone will be able to complete their part of the project much quicker than it was possible before.

6. Importing Web Images

Google sheets have a feature that allows users to insert images directly from the web by entering the formula „=IMAGE(URL)“ in which you need to replace the „URL“ part with the real URL link, and the image will be placed into your sheet. This is one of the features that makes working in sheets much more comfortable than it was with the Excel Spreadsheets.

7. Collecting The Data From Social Media

Many tools can help you pull the data from your business’ Facebook Pages, Facebook Leads Ads, Twitter, and others. One of the best tools to do this is, which helps you connect your social media profiles with your Google spreadsheet.

With this tool, you’ll be able to analyze and record company’s follower count, social media posts, or any other relevant metrics that you choose. Additionally, you’ll be able to synchronize the data as well or to import and export the data which will help you save a significant amount of time.

8. Protecting The Sheet From Unwanted Edits

Google spreadsheet allows you to decide which associates can edit the document and which ones can’t. You can make your sheet to be only viewable to some, and editable to others. This is one of the features that many users don’t know about, and since it can protect your work from any unwanted changes, it’s an important one.


Google sheet is an all-powerful tool, and it’s continually being improved and upgraded with new tweaks and features like in-sheet language translations, tools that help with repetitive tasks, and many others. Using Google sheets will help you with your daily work immensely, but implementing some of these features will undoubtedly ease up your work much more.