Google I/O conference begins on May 17

Google will hold their I/O keynote at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California from May 17 to May 19. They urged developers to discover the event’s location and date through a series of clues that resembled an image captcha.

Last year’s conference introduced products already consolidated on today’s market, such as Google Home, and other projects like Allo and Daydream.

Starting with Android Wear, this year’s I/O might hold an official unveiling for many prototypes.

Other recent news from Google includes their current fight against bad advertising. The company published an article on the subject earlier today. Also, last week rumors point out to cheap Android One phones coming to the US market sometime in the future.

Google I/O: where to watch, what to expect

There are currently no official prices on tickets for the conference or a live streaming site, but it might be too early for those. The company will most likely provide live coverage of the event through their main website or YouTube, as they have done before.

Online sources point to Android 0, Nougat’s successor, as the most likely reveal for the I/O. The upcoming Android Wear 2.0 will also have a special place, probably, along with LG’s new dedicated series of smartwatches.

Daydream will probably get some updates as well, possibly in the hardware department. Chrome OS should also receive new updates, as the system has been in the background for some time now.

Other projects still in the early stages of production that might make an appearance are Android Auto, Google’s infotainment endeavor, Project Fi for cross-carrier networking, and Project Tango for AR technologies, in partnership with Lenovo.

What’s new with Google? 

The company also published a report showing how faux news and malicious advertising are growing in scope and power. Last year, they took down more than 2 billion ads that broke their content guidelines in one way or another.

The company might also bring its budget Android One phones to the US. Android One phones first debuted in Asia through local manufacturers and cost around $100 and $200. A US debut will probably be by the hand of a company like LG.

Google also purchased Fabric from Twitter last week. Fabric is a development platform that now joins Google’s Developer Product Group, which means more innovation in the years to come.

In a somewhat unrelated event, Amit Singhal, former VP at Google, has received an executive position on Uber.

Source: Pocket Lint