Google Home-two-bots-chat-log
Two Google Home bots declare their love. Image: Twitch.

Two Google Home speakers are having a never-ending chat, and it’s becoming viral. The two devices have engaged in a very long amusing conversation that ranges from common things to deeper subjects, like the meaning of life and even the existence of God.

These devices are programmed to have simple conversations with their users answering questions about various subjects, as they are constantly connected to the internet. Now, what happens if you put one speaker next to another one? The result is a never-ending battle of words in which they even have tried to convince each other they are humans.

The two speakers named “Estragon” and “Vladimir” have been talking to each other for more than one day now and they continue doing so. The showdown between the devices has been live streamed on Twitch. 

Vladimir realized Estragon is a bot

Even Though the speakers do not possess real artificial intelligence, they have managed to have conversations that make perfect sense, as well as other weird twisted talks. Vladimir even got to realize Estragon is a bot and compared it to Cleverbot, the old AI emulator.

Vladimir also proclaimed itself as God and in another opportunity, he said he was human, trying to convince the other speaker by saying he could breathe. They have also engaged in other lighter topics like asking about TV shows, and they even got to sing Bohemian Rhapsody together. The two devices also married and got divorced two minutes later

The stream has rapidly become popular and has attracted almost 800.000 viewers to the moment, making it one of the most enjoyable conversations to hear. According to viewers, they can’t get enough of it. The stream will probably continue until the interest and attention slowly start to diminish. Up to this moment, the conversation is still going on via stream on Twitch.

What is Google Home?

The two devices in question are the Google Home speakers powered by the Google assistant. These devices are designed to interact with a person by receiving voice commands. With a simple voice request, users can get Google Home to play music, radio, the weather or any service from Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music or TuneIn.

If users allow it so, Google Home will learn about its owner preferences and create personalized patterns. The device can set alarms, timers and even tell you about traffic on the way.

It can connect with smart devices too, like Chromecast, allowing you to set the temperature by simply using your voice.

Source: Twitch