Google has been planning to lay down cities in the USA with fiber-optic cables to provide high-speed Internet to both homes and small businesses for years now. Their fiber-optic lines enable up to 1Gbps speeds for both uploads as well as downloads. Here is what we know about the Google Fiber Atlanta release date and pricing options.

The groundwork for the new Google Fiber Optic lines began in Kansas City and has moved on to others including Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, and Nashville.

The Release Date for Atlanta

Google hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the date it will roll out its Gigabit Internet connections in Atlanta yet. The official website states that work is underway and that the service will be launched shortly.

You could receive alerts on the launch of the service by signing up for notifications with Google Fiber’s website.

Pricing in Atlanta

$130/ month for Internet + TV (Fiber 1000+ TV)

Google offers you a rent-free Wi-Fi router, as well as your first TV Box with HD DVR. You’ll be able to view in excess of 220 HD channels, including premium ones like HBO. The service also allows the viewer to record up to 8 TV shows simultaneously, so you’ll never miss out on your favorite series. The 1Gbps Internet line comes with no data-cap and enables a viewer to download an HD movie in about 40 seconds.

$70/month for the Internet (Fiber 1000)

The Gigabit Internet service comes with the same privileges as the previous plan, minus the TV options. You’ll have no data-cap, an internet speed of 1Gbps for uploads, as well as downloads and be able to download an HD movie in 40 seconds. You also get a rent-free Wi-Fi router to use.

$50 for the Internet (Fiber 100)

As the name suggests, this plan comes with an Internet speed of 100Mbps, but you enjoy the same benefits as the other plans. You’ll get a speed of 100Mbps for uploads and downloads, be able to download an HD movie in 6 minutes and get a rent-free Wi-Fi router to use with your Internet line. You will have no data-cap with this plan either.

More information on Google Fiber Plan Pricing in Atlanta is available on the official site.