Google has just updated its Calendar app, by integrating a “Goals” feature, enabling the iOS and Android application to help users achieve their personal goals, regardless of any time-related obstacles standing in their way.

It is a fact that most people’s schedule in the 21st century is severely hectic, whether duly to work or other activities, sometimes we all feel that twenty-four hours are not sufficient enough.

Furthermore, having a tight schedule can sometimes impede us from reaching personal goals, and as long as we don’t orchestrate our routine, then the particular attainments will take much more to be accomplished than expected.

Have no worries, though, as Google has updated its famous Calendar app with a phenomenally practical feature, dubbed “Goals“, which primarily does what the name suggests; it encourages users to add new goals and help drastically to attain them.

So how does this work? All the user has to do is hit the red “plus” icon — make sure you have updated the app — then opt for a goal you wish to address. The app will then ask questions such as “How often” and “Best time“, thus organizing the plan accordingly, and then find the most suitable time frame. Done.

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Product manager Jyoti Ramnath commented on the update in a respective blog post:

One day it’s, ‘I got called into a last-minute meeting.’ The next day it’s, ‘I have a friend in town.’ And before you know it, your goals are delayed or forgotten. In fact, with all the things you need to do in a given week, it’s probably harder than ever to find the time—even when your goal really matters to you.

Furthermore, it is worth adding that the Calendar app is not just limited to the aforementioned, as in case a conflicting event takes place during your goal’s scheduled time, Calendar will reorganize properly. Obviously, the more you use the app, the better it will assess how your daily routine flows and therefore enhance its scheduling capabilities.

Source: Google blog