Free Plagiarism Tool to Improve the Quality of Your Content

Plagiarism is a process of representing or stealing someone else’s work without letting them know. There is a very thin line difference: if you state someone’s saying or theory and add their name then it is not plagiarism, but if you mention a quote but do not add the reference then it is termed as plagiarism. This can be done mistakenly, as well but still, you have to pay for it.

So, to be on the safer side, do not forget to check plagiarism online from an online plagiarism checker. Always go for the best free plagiarism checker that can provide you with multiple benefits at one time.

Why is plagiarism check necessary?

A person who is caught by the accusation of plagiarism is guilty of dishonesty and crime. Stealing and breaking trust is not a usual thing; it may have very serious consequences in life. A person may have to quit his job and career, and a person has to pay a fine for it, plagiarism kills the student’s abilities, it brings shame, awkwardness and a damaged reputation for you, you have to go to court, too.

To get over and avoid such issues in later life, you must use an online plagiarism checker. The plagiarism software is capable of detecting the minute to major plagiarism in the content. The SEO plagiarism checker has a large database including the web database and other, too.

Role of a plagiarism checker in search engine optimization:

Plagiarism has a great and important role in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or high ranking cannot be allotted to such a website that uses plagiarized content. The plagiarized content is worthless and poor quality. It just shows duplication and no creativity.

The websites on which the bloggers put effort into generating and writing whole new blogs in an interesting and unique way, get a good score and rank in the list on google. Eventually, those websites appear on the very first page of google and achieve search engine optimization.


Small SEO tools is a website offering a bundle of tools that can help in getting search engine optimization. These can be online plagiarism checker, keyword checker, backlink checker, paraphrase tool, grammar check, domain authority checks and much more. All these tools are free to access and use. The purpose of keeping all the necessary tools at one site is to facilitate the user so that he or she does not have to search for different tools on different sites for working on the same task.

In small SEO tools, you can enter the content up to 1000 words for a one-time attempt of plagiarism. Once you have written an article or blog, then put it on this site and check for plagiarism, after checking, if you find any percentage of plagiarism, then you have the chance to put it in the input section of the paraphrasing tool for making it 100 % unique.

Ultimate features of small SEO tool:

Small SEO tools are not only free online plagiarism checker, but it is the most accurate and best plagiarism checker, too. Small SEO tools possess the following amazing features:

  • Huge database – the larger the database of the plagiarism checker, the accurate will be the detection of plagiarism.
  • Great speed – it goes through the whole provided content and compares it with its large database but still, it just takes a few seconds for detection.
  • Automatic paraphrasing facility – the paraphrasing tool is provided just after the plagiarism checker to provide unique and optimized content in just one click.
  • Support diversity of file formats – this online plagiarism checker supports a different variety of file formats like pdf, tex, txt, ODT, RTF, etc. you do not have to change the format of your file before uploading it.
  • Supports multiple languages – it supports many languages to facilitate a larger portion of the population. You can operate this tool in English, France, Portuguese, Italian, and a few more languages.
  • Sentence wise report – the generated report will show you the unique portion in the green color and the plagiarized portion in red color. The result will appear sentence wise.
  • Compare option – after receiving the result of plagiarism from an online plagiarism checker, you may compare the plagiarized content. There is a “compare” button, tap on it, and it will show you the web source of similar content.