Ubisoft released a new For Honor cinematic trailer on its official YouTube channel this Tuesday, revealing the dates for the upcoming Closed Beta. The game’s last testing round will run from January 26 to 29.

For Honor’s Closed Beta will offer a chance for players to try out new character classes from the three existing clans in new gameplay modes, including a taste of the multiplayer War of the Factions.

The Closed Beta will likely be the last round of tests the game undergoes before it launches on February 14, although there are still three heroes left to be revealed. For Honor is one of the most expected games of 2017.

Players can use with three new warriors in the Closed Beta

For Honor the Shugoki, the Warlord, and the Peacekeeper.
For Honor the Shugoki, the Warlord, and the Peacekeeper. Image: YouTube.

The latest chance to play For Honor ahead of its release will spoil players with three new fighters, one for each faction: the Shugoki, the Warlord, and the Peacekeeper.

The Shugoki is a heavyweight Samurai Guardian belonging to the Chosen faction, ancient warriors of the Dawn Empire. He uses a Kanabo as a weapon, a spiked club with tremendous damage potential.

The Warlord is a balanced Viking, part of the fierce Warborn clan. It uses a sword and a shield, and it joins the Berserker and Raider classes in the upcoming Closed Beta.

Lastly, the Peacekeeper is a female rogue fighter for the Iron Legion of Knights. This agile hero has little to no armor, making it a swift killer wielding dual weapons: a sword and a dagger.

Ubisoft will reward the testers

For Honor’s latest Beta testing round will let players engage in the War of the Factions, a multiplayer mode in which warriors fight for the clans they pledge allegiance to.

Ubisoft stated on its official announcement post the spoils and rewards each faction gathers during the war will be transferrable to the game after launch. The studio hinted at additional prizes for the winning clan once the test round ends.

On top of that, all Closed Beta participants will receive the Emblems of Old, which players can redeem to decorate their weapons when For Honor goes live on February 14.

How to sign up for For Honor’s Closed Beta

Anyone can still sign up for the For Honor Closed Beta at the game’s official site. To register, they will have to specify the gaming console of their choice and the faction they want to fight for.

For Honor is available for pre-order on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game costs $59.99 in all platforms, and it launches on Valentine’s Day 2017.

Source: Ubisoft