Flybrix lets you create your own home-made drone with LEGOs
Flybrix lets you create your own home-made drone with LEGOs. Image credit: Flybrix.

How much does the LEGO drone cost?

On September 22, the small startup company, Flybrix, launched two kits to construct fully pilotable drones using LEGO bricks. They are available on the enterprise’s website. The standard package costs $146 while the deluxe edition has a $189 price tag.

The company aims to spark kids and teenagers’ interest into the fields of mechanical engineering and aerodynamic engineering while they play. Holly Kasun, co-founder of the company, explained the kits were “crash-friendly,” so they can withstand more than a few bumps.

She added the functional parts of the small motor were non-metallic, and that the wiring had a sturdy plastic cover to protect it from impacts. However, she also noted customers should fly the drones indoors under the supervision of an adult.

What’s in the DYI package? 

The basic package will include a set of 56 LEGO bricks designed to create surprisingly aerodynamic drones, a fully operational small motor with four rotors and a user’s manual. There is also a small catalog of models kids can use to make different things.

Users can control the drone via Bluetooth with an app created by Flybrix that is already available on IOS and Android for download. The company explained the app was very intuitive so the kids can fly their creations with no problem.

On the other hand, the deluxe edition includes a special remote control to fly the drone and a unique guide that includes hundreds of possible fly ships to construct. However, these combinations will require more bricks than the initial 56.

Flybrix's LEGO drones have many designs.
Flybrix’s LEGO drones have many designs. Image credit: Mashable.

Why did Flybrix choose LEGO? 

Amir Hirsh, another Co-founder of Flybrix explained that during his three degrees in math and electrical engineering, he worked a lot with LEGO bricks in the lab. He then realized LEGOs were one of the most dynamic tools to work with.

He also noted they came at a relatively small price, so many kids have access to them. These two elements served as the idea behind the creation of the DYI kits.

Holly added there was no relationship between Flybrix and the LEGO Company. She said they exchanged communications with before and after the project was completed and that they were aware of this product.

On its behalf, LEGO has not issued an official statement, but according to Flybrix’s spokes person, the toy maker approved the project. So, there are no risks of a legal movement, but it also makes a formal business alliance unlikely.

Source: Flybrix