Sunnyvale, US – Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) owned Flickr brings back the Pro subscription plan for the new users to sign up for the first time after May 2013. The company introduced a fair list of features for both old and new Pro members, including features like improved stats, ad free viewing and discounts.

Earlier in May 2013, the company launched its first stage of the major site redesign. During the redesign, Flickr introduced justified view, added new features, such as scrolling home page and a free storage space of 1 Terabyte (1Tb) to all its users. The company also updated the Android app. At the same time, the company eliminated the old Pro tier replacing it with the new Ad free tier for $50/year. Although the existing Pro members were still able to renew their membership annually; but no new subscriptions were being offered afterwards.

Flickr and Pro features

The new ‘Pro’ includes features like new and improved stats. The app keeps a watch on the viewers of the photos with analytical stats, ad free viewing of own photos as well as viewing the photographs of other users. Users will get a 20 % discount on an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription with free shipping in the US of the Flickr merchandise. Besides, users will also get a 50 % discount for international shipping provided a minimum purchase of $25 on merchandise. However, the discounts will only be available to users who have paid yearly subscription fee for the new Pro tier.

Also, the new Pro tier is giving its users a Pro badge, thus providing a superior edge to its Pro users over basic users.

Now, new users can sign up for Flickr Pro subscription for $5.99/month or $49.99/year. At the same time, the old users will be automatically upgraded to the new Pro tier with no change in the subscription fee paid by them. Also, the old users will be able to enjoy their old features along with the newly introduced features. However, there is a major drawback for new users. Unlike the old users who have been provided with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth allowing users to upload an unlimited number of images and videos; the new users have a ceiling limit of 1Tb of free storage. Although 1Tb will not prove to be little for most; but it might prove less for the professionals who upload high resolution images every day.