Fire Emblem Heroes 101: The in-depth beginner guide

Fire Emblem Heroes came out for free on the App Store and Google Play Store earlier this week, and 2 million people downloaded it on the first day alone. The mobile game lets players build teams of their favorite franchise characters and use them in battle.

While the game is similar to the original turn-based Fire Emblem, it adds a whole new layer of gameplay mechanics. That, in addition to the chance of advancing faster with in-game purchases, has players hooked all around the world.

Here we compile some of the most useful tips that Fire Emblem Heroes does not give to players, for beginners and fans who plan on having the best experience playing the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Summoning and reroll guide

Summoning is the main method in Fire Emblem Heroes to get new characters. The summon screen lets you draw random heroes based on the five stones that appear in exchange for orbs, the in-game currency.

There are four types of stones: red, green, blue, and gray. Gray is neutral, while red is strong against green, green against blue, and blue against red. All heroes belong to one of these types.

Players need to select one of the stones and turn over five stones per summoning. Performing several of them at once will decrease the overall orb cost. This way, the first summoning session of the game will cost just 20 spheres for five heroes.

The color of the stone will determine the type of hero you get. Characters obtained via summoning range from three to five stars. Top-rated heroes have only a 3% chance to come up.

Thus, the characters you get on that first draw may be good, but not great if they are not five stars. If you have a lot of time and want the best heroes possible, there is always the option to reroll.

Rerolling in Fire Emblem Heroes consists of simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Players will need to complete the tutorial and cash in the newbie game rewards to get the 20 orbs and be able to summon again.

You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you are satisfied with your selection of heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Best heroes tier list

Fire Emblem Heroes - Hector is a fan favorite in the franchise.
Fire Emblem Heroes – Hector is a fan favorite in the franchise. Image: 3D games.

There are several sites online that have already put up a list of best heroes in the game. Characters rank from the best (SS or S) passing through the good (A and B) to the average (C and below depending on the site).

There is no consensus yet as to which hero belongs in which tier, but overall, the following are undoubtedly the ones with the most potential (SS to A) in Fire Emblem Heroes:

• Hector (Green)
• Takumi (Gray)
• Ryoma (Red)
• Camilla (Green)
• Lyn (Red)
• Lucina (Red)
• Cordelia (Blue)
• Elise (Gray)
• Fae (Green)
• Leo (Red)

Upgrade your Castle to get more experience

There is plenty you can do with the initial Orbs you get at the beginning of the game, not just summoning heroes. One of the most useful investments you can make to start with the right foot in Fire Emblem Heroes is to upgrade your Castle.

Your Castle is sort of like your base, where you can have as much as 200 heroes and access all of your game settings. Castle upgrades give a 20% boost to the experience your characters gain in battle.

To do this, you need first to go to the Shop. From there, you have to select the ‘Upgrade Castle’ option. The first time it will cost you one orb, the second time two orbs, and so on. For just 3 Orbs, you can get a 40% experience boost early on.

How to collect Feathers to Unlock Potential

Feathers are one of the least talked about but most important elements of the game. These items are essential to perform what is known as Unlock Potential, or basically upgrading the star rate of your heroes.

Players can obtain feathers through regular battling as reward items or at the PvP Battle Arena according to their rank. Ranking high on this arena will grant players with over a 1,000 Hero Feathers every day.

Other than that, you will have to log in every day and check up on you heroes at the Castle regularly. The character sprites will sometimes show hearts on top of them, and when you click on them, you will get Hero Feathers.

You can also get feathers by adding friends to the game. They will visit your Castle once a day and drop Hero Feathers as gifts. Players can also use these items to upgrade individual skills of their favorite heroes.

Source: IGN