Ferrari has been busy lately with the launch of many models, like the epic LaFerrari and the 458 Speciale and the 2016 California T. This name may sound a bit fishy to you, as the moniker California has been associated with a car that has got no more appeal than a car that is good for you to drive to a local golf club. However, 2016 California is something that you can take on long drives across winding roads.

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So, for those of you who are wondering what changes have Ferrari made to the California T when compared to the 2009 model, here is a comparison of the specifications and features of the two cars in terms of their engine, performance, exterior and interior design and other technological specifications.



Under the bonnet, 2016 Ferrari California T features a 3.9 liter Ferrari bi-turbo V8. The engine is capable of producing 553bhp and 557lb ft of torque in the 7th gear. As for the transmission, the car features a 7-speed automatic pre-programmed transmission.

As for the 2009 model, it features a 4297cc, 32v, V8 engine that is capable of delivering 453bhp at 7750rpm and 357lb ft of torque at 5000rpm. As for the transmission, it features a seven-speed twin clutch.

The 2016 model has a turbo feature that is capable of delivering variable boost management delivering different torque levels in different gears



Performance wise, the Ferrari California T’s V8 turbocharged engine provides 560hp and up to 755Nm of torque. This allows the California T to sprint from 0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 11.2 seconds and a top speed of 316 km/h.

As for the 2009 model, it features a sub 4sec, 0-100mph time, the top speed is 316 km/h.

Compared to its predecessor, the California T is 0.2 sec faster to 100 km/h and over 2.5 seconds faster to 200 km/h.

Interior design


The 2016 Ferrari California T has improved much in the interior design department. Like its predecessor, the interior of the new model is all leather, but the difference lies in space. The overall space inside the cabin is very impressive and gives perfect justice to the 2+2 convertible model type of the car.

The boot space is also good, capable of adjusting two standard size bags with the roof down and an extra bag when the roof is all the way up.

As for the 2009 model, all the exposed parts were leather, without any doubt, but, the interiors were less roomie and the overall boot space availability was also less.

The keys and navigation system placement is also better in the 2016 model.

Exterior design


The 2016 model has undergone a serious overhaul when it comes to the exterior design. It now features a F12 inspired front sporting significantly larger air intakes for the brakes and intercooler and two new air exhausts in the bonnet.

Along the side, the sweeping lines inspired by the 250 Testa Rossa remain intact, as seen in the previous model. The triple-fence diffuser is quite similar to that in the 599 GTO. The exhaust has also changed its orientation, as compared to the older model, from vertical to horizontal.


The car now features a more improved transmission system. You can set the car to drive in three different modes, namely, Comfort, Sport and ESC Off. All these switches make changes in the suspension, throttle response and gearbox behavior, amongst the smaller factors.

The car also features a new improved navigation system that has been improved in terms of usability and is more simplified, when compared to the previous model.

The main “issue” with the features of the 2016 model is that it still doesn’t allow the user the freedom to use the toggle for the roof while moving.

The Verdict


Ferrari has definitely gone the mile from the 2009 model, with the 2016 one, in taking it from a premium luxury “sports car” to a real, beast of a sports car. The 2016 model is definitely a great pick if you are looking for a car in the given price point.