Faraday Future teases electric SUV ahead its CES 2017 reveal

Chinese-backed and California-based electric vehicle company Faraday Future’s new signature SUV is at the center of a recent photo reveal. A bundle of shadowy images paints an indirect picture of their much-expected mule.

The official unveiling of this vehicle is set to happen at the upcoming 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this January. The SUV currently poses as a possible Tesla competitor, another in line after NextEV’s recent unveiling of their family car.

Faraday Future has a place, just like NextEV, in the Formula E racing field and looks to make a nosedive at the consumer products market. Their unique design, showcased in the following photos, has been the subject of much hype and discussion.

Faraday Future’s VPA itself relies on the automaker’s revolutionary battery technology. Image Source: The Verge
Faraday Future’s VPA itself relies on the automaker’s revolutionary battery technology. Image Source: The Verge

The first image reveals a never-seen-before design of the front and rear end

With a continuous set of headlights, Faraday Future’s SUV looks quite futuristic. They published their first picture on Twitter last Tuesday, along with the hashtag #FirstForward. The tagline, which shares their signature double-F, is most likely a nod to their efforts in creating a cutting-edge looking electric SUV.

The company followed with another picture on Thursday that showed a continuous taillight design which includes a line pattern that mirrors the one from their logo. In their Twitter banner, there is a brighter picture of the SUV’s front end showing a grill with the same design.

The company also released a short video on the same day, claiming that “something fast is coming,” a vehicle “propelled by innovation and an insane amount of torque.”

The darkness surrounding the images has prompted many questions and theories regarding what the final design will be. Most reviews, however, already put it ahead of Faraday Future’s previous concept car, the FFZER01 racing model.

Rumored specs and possible features

Both in the images and video users can see that there are apparently no rear-view mirrors on the sides of the car, which points to the possibility that Faraday Future is using cameras as replacements for this SUV.

Current American regulations, however, still do not allow the selling of any automobile without physical side mirrors, which means that this feature is quite a long shot. The Tesla Model X, America’s leading electric SUV, also had cameras instead of mirrors at an initial design phase, but manufacturers removed them to comply with these regulations.

Rumor has it that the FF’s SUV will come with a 98kWh battery for a range of approximately 300 miles (482km) with a full charge, no sources have disclosed any further specs.

Source: iTech Post