Factors Making Some Analysts Criticize Bitcoin

Bitcoin is considered the future of the monetary exchange and may replace the paper currency very soon. There are some of the dark secrets which, if revealed, may change the opinion of many on this issue. Although buying and selling goods online using a global currency instead of the national currency of a particular country is relatively easy as there are no complications as the former one. Bitcoin is among the most widely known cryptocurrency. In recent times its popularity has surpassed the other cryptocurrencies as well. Although people are flocking into the market to invest in digital currency, the analysts are particularly skeptical about investing in this digital form of money. Although there are disadvantages, there are still some factors that even make it the currency of the future. Check out Bitcoin Pro to decide it for yourself whether or not crypto is a scam.

Factors Making Some Analysts Criticize Bitcoin

Here we will discuss some of the factors that are compelling the analysts to turn their backs on this new form of currency.

1. Technology Reliant

Bitcoin is a type of currency that is traded or used online. Coins are mined digitally, transferred via smart wallets, and several independent systems are used to manage it. If the technology does not exist, then the cryptocurrency loses its value. You do not have physical collateral to back it up if something goes wrong, unlike the currency issued by the central banks where you can keep your assets such as gold, real estate, bonds, etc. As a guarantee. As this currency is technology-based, owners are susceptible to cyberattacks and also a system that can shut down any time without any prior notice.

2. Very high Volatility

Investing in this form of digital currency does possess very high risk as the prices are volatile. Analysts are cynical about using it as an asset to investors as they are unable to analyze whether or not the investors will be able to obtain sufficient returns to sustain. According to some analysts from firms like PWC, the ecosystem around bitcoin is not strong enough to study it as an investment. As the prices are uncontrollable, the more money is invested upon it by the general mass; the prices jump even higher. It may cause a bubble to form, whose explosion will cause imminent and incorrigible chaos.

3. Block Withholding

As we are aware of the fact that bitcoin is manufactured by solving mathematical equations, referred to as blocks that are prepared every time, And there is a bitcoin exchange occurring in the market. How does the mining pool work where the currency is being made? It uses the computational capacity to mine a block and hide it from the honest miners, and the block is not announced about it to the network. In this way, so many are cheated while a selected few reap all the benefits of this technology.

4. Cybertheft

Crypto is a type of currency driven by technology. That means it is openly available online and is easily prone to cyber thefts. As for thefts, one of the most common types of thefts that occur here to seal off bitcoin is hacking. Once hacked, it is almost close to impossible to retrieve back the lost bitcoin. There are many occurrences where people have lost bitcoin reserves during investments, exchanges, and also during mining. The theft can still occur while it is kept safely in a smart wallet.

5. Fraud

Apart from hacking the, there are other types of fraudulent activities that go on within the bitcoin market, Buyer and sellers do look out for instances to trade in bitcoin online. However, it has been discovered that many such transactions turn out to be fake. Government organizations such as the Securities Exchange Commission and other relevant bodies are conducting awareness programs to warn the general public time and again about such fraudulent activities, for this reason, occurring something unpleasant and unsuspecting activities to investors of it. And have been duped out of their bitcoins in such deceitful exchanges. Although there have been several systems that have been designed in recent times to combat such issues but still security remains a big issue.

6. Neither a Commodity nor a Currency

As there is no clear concept of its origin, hence it is hard to categorize it. Previously we knew precious metals such as gold and silver were used as currencies, which followed the printed currencies provided by the government of every country around the world, which is also known as the fiat currency. Those in favor of cryptocurrencies do claim that they have a production process that is parallel to that of the fiat currency by mining it using complex mathematical calculations. Hence they deny to address it as a commodity. Also, they do claim that as any nation’s central bank does not control the cryptocurrency, therefore it is genuinely democratic and cannot be classified as a type of traditional currency either. Experts claim that as this is not a tangible asset and just a formula backs it so it will be hazardous to merchandising or investing in bitcoin.

7. Still very Young

Cryptocurrency is still a very young technology and has been roughly around for not more than ten years and even has not turned up to be reliable. As there are several changes taking place, there is still no clear indication of how the crypto market will evolve soon. There are fears that it may lose its value in the future. Hence analysts are urging to proceed with this new investment opportunity with extreme alertness. Keep your funds in check and keep yourself ready for the future of the market.


Cryptocurrency is not receiving a foothold into the mainstream currency market due to the reasons mentioned above. Also, analysts are discouraging people from solely relying on this form of currency as a means of securing their future. Bitcoin hence has an uncertain future ahead, given the circumstances faced by them as very few organizations recognize them as a mode of payment.