Facebook really wants you to know about its Privacy Basics
Facebook really wants you to know about its Privacy Basics. Image: iStrategyLabs.

Facebook presented a new version of its Privacy Basics site on Monday, now friendlier on mobile devices, with more guides, and a FAQ section. The updated page serves as a resource center for users to better understand how they share information.

The launch of the revamped site comes on the eve of Data Privacy Day, celebrated on January 28 and upheld by Facebook as a date to raise awareness about the online issue.

The social network is continuously trying to improve in areas where it has failed users in the past. Privacy settings management and education is a particularly hot topic for Facebook, as it has a long track record of incidents dealing with them.

Follow these tips before messing with any other settings

Facebook wants users to be more in control of their on-site profiles and the information they share, which is why the company encourages them to follow three simple steps before taking any other additional measures to protect their privacy.

First off, there is the Privacy Checkup. As its name indicates, it is an overview that lets you confirm and change certain configurations to make sure only those you choose can see specific details or content on your account.

In your posts, always make sure to check with whom you are sharing the information with. The small tab next to the Post button lets you pick between making your uploads Public to everyone, only your Friends, or other select groups.

Login Approvals are a sort of two-factor authentication method that you can enable in your profile settings. Facebook will send you an SMS to make sure it is you when you log in from any other devices or browsers other than the one you have set as default.

Facebook walks you through your privacy settings with 34 new guides

Aside from the new interface, Privacy Basics is getting a huge catalog of interactive guides covering everything from privacy and user safety to ads and interconnectivity on Facebook.

There are 32 new guides spread under four categories: Manage Your Privacy, Stay Safe and Secure, Advertising, and Working Together. The first two comprise 25 guides between them.

The site offers a wide array of options under each category, guiding users step by step through the process to perform certain actions, make changes, or set up their profile in ways that enhance their security online.

A Top Topics section in Privacy Basics shows the most consulted information about settings or functions in the form of frequently asked questions. Clicking on one of the themes redirects you to the corresponding guide.

Source: Facebook