The social networking giant has just announced a new algorithm that is going to track how long the user views a story. So the time you spent on a story will be a new parameter in addition to liking, commenting or sharing it.

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Facebook has also unveiled that the significance of the story is not always connected to liking or commenting on it. According to the company, this feature will be implemented thus offering the user more relevant content to his NewsFeed.

Facebook’s newsroom relative post explains:

There are times when, for example, people want to see information about a serious current event, but don’t necessarily want to like or comment on it. Based on this finding, we are updating News Feed’s ranking to factor in a new signal—how much time you spend viewing a story in your News Feed,…

Based on the fact that you didn’t scroll straight past this post and it was on the screen for more time than other posts that were in your News Feed, we infer that it was something you found interesting and we may start to surface more posts like that higher up in your News Feed in the future.”

The feature will be rolled out in the next few weeks.

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