You hate it, but you use it. To be precise, you spend hours on it. Facebook has managed to become probably the most addicting website on the planet due to its endless provision of information. Admit it; you spend an entire day scrolling up and down through your feed.

Today’s news confirm that Facebook has launched a new mobile app called Facebook Lite. The company said that the project has been in the works since January, aimed towards emerging markets such as Asia, followed by specific countries in Latin America and Europe, where Internet speed is unbearable.

This is how Facebook Lite looks like.

The application itself requires 1MB of storage capacity, where the original one needed 25MB of free space. Evidently, it won’t pack the features of the original app, though it will allow usesr to do the bare essentials such as status updates, photo sharing and scrolling through their news feed. Video playback will not be support.

Facebook Lite is part of the network’s project which gives users in developing areas free access in some online services.

Moreover -something off the papers- the app is part of Facebook’s world domination plan since almost 80 percent of smartphone subscriptions between 2015 and 2020 will come from Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. In addition India -which is an emerging market- is expected to surpass US in mobile usage, based on a research conducted by eMarketer.

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