Facebook launches 45 second-long happy birthday videos the USB Port
Facebook launches 45 second-long happy birthday videos. Credit image: The Next Web

Facebook just announced they would launch a video mash-up of all the birthday wishes people receive on their special day. The company is trying to make birthdays more special for everyone on the social network with these 45 seconds videos.

The video presented on Youtube shows a birthday cake and a message that reads “the party’s not over,” after that message the birthday video will start showing you the best messages you received during your birthday.

The company also said pictures would have more screentime during the video as they will be shown separately while the written texts will be in an exploding mailbox animation. Initially, Facebook would only let you know about friend’s birthdays on the news feed. Then, it added a new feature to write directly on friend’s walls during their birthdays without having to access it which encouraged more impersonal greetings.

After watching the birthday video, users will be able to modify it using an editor. They will be able to replace some of the posts and pictures as a director. Some social media like Snapchat and Twitter have special effects during a user birthday. Twitter will show some balloons and Snapchat will wrap the messages like presents.

Earlier this year, Facebook announced the Birthday Cam 

This feature, along with the newest Facebook birthday video, attempts to make videos more personal and a better experience for users overall.

A banner will appear on contacts’ birthday wall, and it will let users capture a video message up to 15 seconds long. This feature will also let them edit the message using special birthday frames before sharing it. Unlike the birthday video, it will not compile all the messages you receive, and people will have to watch it one by one.

When Facebook became popular, one of the unique aspects it had was that it would remind users about their friend’s birthday which also led to birthday wall post, a rather common activity nowadays. With time, these birthday wall post became more and more generic and in some cases, every message people receive during their birthday will look like the previous one.

In contrast, the birthday video will be available one day after the special day, and it will remind the celebrate all the great messages received, and just like other Facebook features users will have the option to share the video with everyone, or you will also be able to enjoy it in private.

The company reported people submitted more than a hundred million birthday posts around the world every day, and Facebook wants to make those days special again.

Source: Tech Crunch