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The eyes of the world are on the Clinton vs. Trump elections. Image credit: CNET.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is working to get people out of their houses and into the voting booth for November’s elections. Starting this Tuesday, Google will offer a summary box with information about the voting process with its “How to vote app.”

The election breakdown is available in the search tool. The box will give detail about the rules and procedures applicable to the states depending on where is the user.

Nevertheless, people can also check the rules in other states if they want to.

Users only have to hit “how to vote” on the search bar and get information about ID requirements, deadlines, rules, mail-in ballots, locations and early voting.

The app will also activate after tutorial-like requests such as “what do I need to vote,” “how can I vote by mail, “or “where do I vote.” Other generic searches like Clinton2016 or  Trump for president will not see the summary boxes.

“Whether you’re a first-time voter, a resident of a new state or your state laws have changed since the last time you voted, you can now come to Google for information on how to vote in the upcoming election,” wrote Google Search Product Manager Emily Moxley on the company’s blog.

Google says people are showing a lot of interest for the presidential race 2016 

The state-by-sate election tutorial comes a month after Google offered its customers state-specific explanations on how to register to vote.

The tool is available with a “register to vote” search.  It exists to remove the mystery veil of the process. That said, deadlines and methods can differ in each state and may turn the registration process into a complete mess.

Nationwide searches for voting registration is up 190% compared to four years ago, with spikes occurring in New York, California, West Virginia, Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Hillary Clinton is gaining popularity exponentially

The tech giant realized people was increasingly looking for Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump career to the White House at the Google search bar. Compared with the traffic in 2012’s presidential election, Google reports the volume of searches related to the election multiplied by four.

In fact, the company has been helpful during Election Year. It has also added accessible summaries to the search results about any Republican National Convention or Democratic National Convention. When a user searches for these events, the software will share the lineup of speakers, a live-stream channel in YouTube and related social media post.

Source: Google Blog