The electronic retailer, eBay, seems to be on a streak of changes and updates since it split up with PayPal – a change that came for unclear reasons. Now, an update has been released by the company on its mobile app that runs on both iOS and Android platforms.

So far, each device and platform had a different UI than the other. David Beach, director of product at eBay explains:

The reason why they were this way is because every platform was introduced and launched and updated on a different schedule”.

The update though attempts to make the UI a lot more simple, personal and similar to all platforms.

The update can be spotted in three major aspects of the app buying, selling and activity tracking.

The new dashboard will provide a better view of all the products and deals all at once. So everything that has to do with a product can be located in the Shop channel. The app will also give more info to new members to get them more familiar with the app.

For those who wish to sell an item on eBay, things get a lot easier with this update, as the company now added a new integrated valet service, a recently shutdown standalone app that helps you list items you want to sell.

Furthermore, with this new update, users will be able to track all the times that they’ve purchased, those that they’ve sold and even those that they have put in wish lists.

For the personalization options are kind of limited but are expected to grow in the near future. For instance, the app’s home-screen shows the channel that was used last which allows the users – both buyers and sellers – to save a lot of time and effort with their account activity.

As we look ahead to the next 20 years of eBay, we are creating innovative, game-changing commerce that is enabled by people, powered by technology and open to everyone,” said RJ Pittman, Chief Product Officer of eBay via the company’s official blog.

It is beyond doubt that the company is trying to make a change. Soon we will all witness that to the Web as well. Many changes are yet to be expected and we hope it’s only going to get better.