Duke Nukem is back to wreak havoc in Los Angeles once again with the latest remastered version for its 20th anniversary. Image Source: Ticgn

The developers at Gearbox Software recently announced the release of a remastered version of ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ titled ‘Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour’ for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The announcement took place as part of Gearbox’s official panel at PAX West 2016 earlier last week on Thursday, September 2. The inaugural day of the video game event in Seattle also saw the release of a teaser trailer for the upcoming release.

‘Duke Nukem 3D’ turned 20 in January earlier this year. The original 1996 game was first released for PC and later saw numerous ports for over ten different platforms over the span of 20 years. The new edition is available for pre-order, and will arrive on consoles and PC on October 11 for $19.99.

The ‘Duke Nukem’ saga turns 25 in 2016

The iconic video game franchise ‘Duke Nukem’ is now old enough to play the game without getting in trouble. Back in the day in 1991 when the first game of the saga was released, it sparked a fair share of controversy for its nonchalant depiction of violent practices.

However, things did not fully escalate until the release of ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ five years later. While the first two games were mindless fun shooters with a ridiculous story, the third installment featured coarse language and ‘inappropriate’ depictions of women for a video game.

Nowadays, the gaming community accepts that besides being a critically acclaimed title for the in-game mechanics themselves, ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ is dearly remembered for introducing hilariously absurd and offensive content to players in the 90s.

The remastered edition is called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour. Image Source: Zero Nerve
The remastered edition is called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour. Image Source: Zero Nerve

The King is back with an all-new eight-level episode

Duke Nukem is back to wreak havoc in Los Angeles once again. Aliens, police officers, and exotic dancers roam the streets of the city as The King saves Earth in a remastered adventure.

‘Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour’ includes a fifth episode additional to the original four. The original game designers Allen Blum III and Richard ‘Levelord’ Gray were in charge of creating the eight levels in the all-new Episode 5.

Furthermore, the expansion features a new kind of enemy and a new weapon. Duke Nukem will end enemy hordes of ‘Fireflies’ with the powerful Incinerator. Fans will get to experience the new levels set to the tune of new songs composed by the original theme song author Lee Jackson.

Finally, the original voice actor Jon St. John is also back for the 20th-anniversary party. The game will feature the original Duke Nukem catchphrases as well as new lines re-recorded in high-fidelity versions.

‘Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour’ will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 11.

Source: Gearbox Software