Donald Trump gives hosts a press conference at the Trump Tower.
Donald Trump gives hosts a press conference at the Trump Tower. Image: YouTube.

On Wednesday, Donald J. Trump held his first press conference since winning the presidential elections last November. The President-Elect answered questions from the mainstream media at Trump Tower in New York.

Reporters from national and international organizations were present at the event, where Trump addressed current controversial issues like Russia, cyber security, the Mexico wall, his business ties, Obamacare, and more.

Trump’s press conference took place earlier this Wednesday after President Barack Obama gave his final speech to the nation in Chicago last Tuesday night.

The leaving President went further in conceding the Democratic defeat in the elections by deeming Trump “legitimately elected.”

Obama accepted the DNC lost to Trump.
Obama accepted the DNC lost to Trump. The Kansas City Star.

Obama’s message to the American people was one of hope for the future and prompted all citizens to trust the upcoming administration.

Trump wants to be friends with Russia

Trump claimed he hoped for closer ties with the European giant, although a much more realistic scenario seems to be one where the two nations don’t get along.

The executive further criticized the media for plotting about his financial links with The Motherland, links that do not exist according to the soon-to-be President of the United States.

IF PUTIN LIKES DONALD TRUMP, I CONSIDER THAT AN ASSET, NOT A LIABILITY,” the President-Elect said when asked about his relationships with Russia.

Trump bashed big news outlets during the press conference

In spite of stating he thinks Russia was behind the election cycle hacks to Democrat officials, Trump called the recent report by the Intelligence Community “false and fake,” and “a disgrace.”

Donald Trump went on to say it was shameful that some of the news outlets present at Trump Tower on Tuesday morning had released articles with leaked information by intelligence officials, comparing it to practices by Nazi Germany.

The President-Elect took a swing at Buzzfeed calling it a “failing pile of garbage” for publishing fake news. CNN’s Jim Acosta also got shushed by Trump, who denied him a question and deemed the network and organization as “terrible.”

Sons will take the wheel of Trump’s businesses

Trump dismissed questions from journalists regarding his tax returns, saying the American people “don’t care at all” and that only reporters want to know these details although you can learn “very little” from them.

“I HAVE A NO-CONFLICT SITUATION BECAUSE I’M PRESIDENT,” said the President-Elect about holding control of his business empire.

The billionaire businessman, however, agreed to relinquish his position as head of multiple companies, transferring power over to his sons Donald Jr. and Erik to oversee the family brand. A large stack of papers on a table showed all the enterprises he was giving up.

Healthcare plan and Mexico wall deal are a top priority

Speaking about Obamacare, the next President of the United States called it “a disaster.” Trump intends to “repeal and replace” all traces of the health care plan as one of his first moves as leader of the nation.

Trump reassured reporters and his supporters about the plan to build a wall along the Mexican border, claiming there are multiple ways in which Mexico can reimburse the U.S. the construction costs.

The President-Elect will reportedly strike a deal with0 Mexico and push a new healthcare bill in Congress in the first 18 months of his tenure.

Source: The New York Times