Donald Trump's speech about the goals to achieve during the 100 first days of President of the United States of America. Image Source: Keloland

The committee for the 2017 Presidential Transition released a video this Thursday with a Thanksgiving message by President-Elect Donald Trump, which received many significant reviews as it signaled a curious shift in tone for the businessman.

Trump’s address follows another in which he remarks that he would “make America great again for everyone,” has sparked mixed reactions from viewers, garnering almost seven million views so far.

The Republican politician will begin his next term on January 20 of next year, with a cabinet headed by Vice President Mike Pence, whose conservative stances have received intense criticism. He is mostly known for being a radical opponent of LGBT rights legislation.

Outlining the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency

In the Thanksgiving video, Trump begins by stating his intention to “move forward as one country,” highlighting the importance of America as a home, as a nation in which “we raise our families, care for our loved ones, look out for our neighbors, and live out our dreams.”

These speeches, seemingly calm and unironic, are heavily contrasting with Trump’s earlier campaign speeches. In the latest one, Trump ‘prays’ that this Thanksgiving is the day in which Americans start to ‘heal’ their divisions.

The first one, however, immediately addressed some topics that meant the realization of the worst fears of many Americans, for example, his intent to withdraw from some clean energy policies, and the reiteration of a harder stance on immigration. He even insisted on giving a closer look at matters of national cyber security.

Donald Trump said the push for clean energy hurt the automotive industry. Image: Slate.
Donald Trump said the push for clean energy hurt the automotive industry. Image: Slate.

Actions speak louder than words

The Trump campaign saw many scandals that went beyond the scope of the political, something that has happened with other candidates but does not exempt him from responsibility. Following substantial allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct, Trump also received accusations of tax evasion and business malpractice.

On a more recent note, Trump’s cabinet picks can also be very telling when it comes to analyzing his future presidency. The latest include Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, a woman who strongly advocates for more private schooling, and has actively sought to undermine (instead of improving) the current public school system.

Trump’s recruitment of Steve Bannon, who will become Senior Counselor, is by far his most criticized pick, and justifiably so. Bannon associates himself publicly with the ‘alt-right,’ which has come to mean mostly White-Nationalist factions, and staunch opposition to minority rights, women’s rights, and related topics.

But Trump’s nomination of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for UN Ambassador sends an entirely different message. Haley’s active campaigning for minority rights, along with her status as a daughter of Indian immigrants, has caused confusion.

It is unclear whether it is a genuine effort for inclusion or a well-devised move to make a good impression with the organization’s member states.

Trump has been consistently controversial, but he’s still consistent

A significant characteristic of Trump’s dialogue, when analyzed over the years, is the consistency with which he had addressed most political topics relevant today.

The further developments and cabinet appointments that come in the next few weeks will help shed some light on the possibility that Trump can be a good President. However, his current record still struggles with more questionable choices than reasonable ones.

Trump’s consistency, objectively, represents an excellent feature for the candidate. It is the character trait that arguably helped him win the presidency. But (also objectively) it poses many dangers that could translate to severe consequences for American society and economy, should he implement his policies utterly unchallenged.

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